Who Was Batukeshwar Dutt? Read His Unheard Story And Contributions In India’s Freedom Here

When we think of great freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom, only a few names come to our minds. Their popularity shadows unsung heroes like Batukeshwar Dutt. His name is widely associated with legendary Bhagat Singh along whom he bombed Central Legislative Assembly in 1929.

His name was not confined only to this event in the history of India’s independence but very few are aware of his early life and tragic death. Here are the contributions and facts to know on the 111th birth anniversary of Batukeshwar Dutt.

Biography Of Batukeshwar Dutt: What Everyone Should Know About This Forgotten Hero

batukeshwar dutt

  • Battu aka B.K Dutt was born on 18th November 1910 to Goshtha Bihari Dutta in a Bengali family
  • Dutt was only a teenager when he was inspired by freedom fighters and anti-colonial activists. But, it did not happen all of sudden. An incident where a few Britishers were beating up a small kid put a profound impact on the mind of Dutta. This led him to take part in anti-colonial activities against Britishers.
  • He was only 14 when he met legendary Bhagat Singh who was only a few years older to him. They both joined Hindustan Republican Association- an organization that followed Marxism and Socialism.
  • At a young age, Batukeshwar Dutta was involved in the battle for independence. He even learned how to make bombs at HSRA.
  • Dutt also took part in a protest against the arrest of leaders and activists
  • A few years later, Dutta along with Bhagat Singh planted a bomb at the Central Legislative Assembly intentionally to take revenge for Lala Lajpat Rai’s death. They make the world hear their voice paired with slogans ‘Inquilab Zindabad.’ However, the incident was backed by many reasons including the passing of Trade Disputes and the Public Safety Bill.
  • He was arrested along with Singh and Sukhdev for bombing Assembling on 8 April 1929.
  • During the arrest, he took part in a hunger strike for the rights of the prisoners. It lasted for a total of 114 days.
  • Batukeshwar Dutt was moved to Andaman Jail after the death of Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru who were hanged for killing ASP Saunders.
  • He stayed in jail for more than 10 years and was released in 1942 on a few conditions which he failed to fulfill. Dutt was again put back in prison and spent 4 more years there.
  • During this time, he was suffering from Tuberculosis but he sidelined his health and continued contributing to the freedom fight. He joined Quit India Movement and followed Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Batukeshwar Dutt spread his ideas and principles of Marx by writing for magazines. He was a columnist in The Call magazine.
  • He even wrote for the film Shaheed that was based on the life of Bhagat Singh. The movie was released in 1965 and had Manoj Kumar as the lead actor. Dutt met him during the filming of Shaheed.
  • Hard times came in his life when India finally got independence. He was forgotten and did not receive any employment opportunity and honor for his contribution.
  • Dutt started a small business for survival but could not work much and was later admitted to the AIIMS hospital in 1995. He died out of illness and was buried at the same place where his friend Singh was cremated.

However, a different reason behind his tragic death was mentioned in the novel by Ki. Rajanrayanan titled as Gopallapurathu makkal. The book says he died during a hunger strike when he was in jail with Singh in 1929.

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