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Ways to Stay Motivated and Healthy at Home during Lockdown

Undoubtedly Corona pandemic has disturbed our lives and we are impelled to stay at home. During such phase it is implied that it is not easy to always stay happy without complaining and take care of ourselves. But in order to stay healthy and safe, we have to follow to some Motivation techniques during lockdown which make us feel pleasant and salubrious. Then only we can come back to our routine and concentrate on our work.

We can’t change current situation but we can at least support and inspire each other so that we can combat corona in a positive way by staying at home. Let’s follow these courses of action to stay motivated and healthy:

Take Sunlight Regularly


Many studies have found that people who spend time in sunlight, or doing exercise early in the morning with the rising sun recover from covid illness rapidly, sunlight convert our cholesterol into vitamin D which helps us to heal from diseases quickly and even cure our bone problems.

It also boosts our immune system. It also enhances our sleep quality and cures melancholic mood. Actually it affects the brain area which is connected to our mood so our mood swings also become normal with sunlight.

Take Healthy Diet


During quarantine set a healthy diet plan which gives you energy. Please don’t skip breakfast, have cornflakes, bananas, upma made with semolina, almonds and oats during breakfast. Avoid packed, oily and high carb foods especially cut on sugar and sweetened substances, Include protein rich diet to get healed from fever quickly, don’t take heavy meals. Have fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Use the supplements rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids like ginger, turmeric and amla.

Try the herbs which boost immunity like basel leaves, cumin, garlic and certain foods like bell paper, mushrooms, bell papers and seeds such as pumpkin seeds, melon seeds and flax seeds.

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Stay Hydrated


One of the symptoms of covid-19 is you acquire dry throat frequently, and feel thirsty all the time so drink plenty of water, also drink coconut water it is considered best in treating fever , stay hydrated, avoid aerated drinks, soft drinks and alcohol. Drink atleast 8- 10 glasses of water a day, incorporate juicy fruits in your diet such as oranges, lemon, citrus fruits, etc.

Do Some Breathing and Lung Exercises

Breathing exercises will help you immensely while staying at home; you can do it with ease and can stop the virus to move into your lungs. These following easy breathing exercises you can try

  • Blow with a straw

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Place the straw into your mouth and blow with it into a water bottle or a glass of water, pay attention don’t inhale that water. It will improve your breathing capacity

  • Diaphragm Breathing

Image credit: www.youtube.com

Through this exercise lungs will function more efficiently and helps to reduce stress and anxiety too. For this take some object maybe some empty bottle, or any light and small ball or a yoga block and place it on your belly when you lie on your back and then breathe in slowly and gradually through your nose and exhale through your mouth, you will see that your object will rise and fall as you inhale and exhale and if your object doesn’t show any movement that means you are not doing properly and using your chest and not diaphragm.

So, your main objective is to try to breathe into your stomach, practice it for five to ten times a day and you will feel light chest when you breathe, you will not feel tight in your chest, and because your diaphragm muscles will be strengthened and have improved lung capacity and pressure will be decreased on thorax.

  • Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is highly constructive way to be healthy; you will feel calm and composed after doing it. For this you just need to sit comfortably somewhere, keep your back straight and relax the shoulders and then inhale slowly fill up the lungs and then exhale fully and empty the lungs.

Other Physical Activities


Do some physical activities at home, it will make you feel refreshed and gratified, take walk at home only or in your lobby, avoid sitting much. Do aerobics and zumba by seeing from YouTube channels, try planks, squats, sit ups and push-ups, cycling, do stretching time and again, etc. This all will give you relieve from pains and cramps. With these exercises not only you will feel health improvement but it is also one of the ways to imbibe Motivation tips during lockdown.

Declutter yourself from useless stress, fears and thoughts

Motivation tips during lockdown

It is necessary now to take care of your mental well being, when we are staying isolated, we will have thoughts of insecurities, loneliness, restlessness, depression but all these situations can be conquered by staying strong and not paying attention to such things, you can practice meditation this time, it will make you peaceful and happy. You can also adopt hobbies which you like maybe cooking, painting or dancing. Or listen to a good music which can soothe your heart.

In this way you will refreshed and it is one of the best techniques to implement Motivation tips during lockdown.

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Take full rest and sleep


Take full sleep of 6- 8 hours a day and small nap in afternoon, never avoid sleeping. Good sleep will augment your immunity and body functioning. Lack of sleep will have drastic affect on your health and your body tends to become weak in fighting with corona virus. It is one of the part of involving Motivation tips during lockdown.





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