Renovate Your Life Emotionally

Emotions are like apps, when so many apps are opened at the same time, system tends to get hanged and these apps need to be closed. In the same way when we are overwhelmed by so many emotions we need to Declutter unnecessary feelings. But how is it possible? We all get disturbed many times because our emotions tend to rule us, so it’s necessary to check ourselves and see where the problem is? We need to renew ourselves emotionally. So, how to deal with these heavy emotions? How To Control Emotions.

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Just accept what you can’t change

How To Control Emotions

There are many things which we can’t control in our life, you can’t change the behavior of others, you can’t change the weather you don’t like, you can’t change the situation of traffic in the morning, etc. These all things lead to frustration but we can’t do anything, just accept the way things are, explain yourself that I am flexible and will adapt to every situation.

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Stop Imagining life like movies

We all get influenced by unrealistic movies and tend to think that life will go like this, it can never be possible. In fact the actors also just do their work, it is their bread and butter, life is not fascinating like movies for them also.

Life in fact can be better than movies if we want to do so. Just do your work by giving 100%, nothing will happen on its own like movies, you only have to help yourself. You just need to Control your emotions.

Practice Detachment


Humans have the tendency to get attached to many things be it people, materialistic things, their job, etc. But as we all know that attachment is a great sin and finding happiness in others is the biggest foolishness we all do, how other people can make you happy when you can’t make yourself happy, by giving unnecessary importance to others and useless things, you only grow thorns in your life. So, stop getting attached because we all are very complicated and getting to other people will only hurt you.

Abandon Insecurities and Fears


Being insecure makes your mind stressful. What if I lose my job? How will I manage my expenses? Does he or she dislike me? Don’t get entangled with such type of questions and give useless stress to mind, half of the problems in our life arise because of our fears, of the situations which are in our imagination only.

If you lose your job also just remind yourself , there will be something bigger planned for me, up till I have managed everything, I firmly believe in myself, my skills and my education, everything will be worked out. Just be relax and Control your emotions at that time.

Stop comparing with others


By comparing your life with others, you are just showing disrespect to yourself. Wasting time in calculating what others have and what you don’t , you lose your potential only. Everybody is perfect in their own way. Just upgrade yourself instead of comparing your life with others.

Pamper Yourself Sometimes


Take out the time to make yourself feel special, do whatever you like, take care of yourself  your health, it’s OK to behave sometimes like a child. Give a treat to yourself, buy the things you like and gift yourself. Just love yourself the way you are and give yourself some compliments, don’t just unnecessarily underestimate yourself, it’s ok if you do mistakes, forgive yourself and focus on your strengths.

Learn to say NO

We all make this mistake of doing many things which we don’t like so that other don’t feel hurt and bad but in all this we forget that we don’t like something doing and we are least concerned about it. So it is required that you say NO to the things you don’t like, it is not mandatory to accept all the suggestions. People will say many things to pull you down but you need to be confident enough and understand what you need to inculcate and what not. If something is not plausible to you just say NO to it.

Stop listening to the problems of others all the time and absorbing Negativity

How To Control Emotions

Always listening to the problems of others get your emotions and feelings align with the negative tune of others and then you are not able to concentrate on your work, it makes you emotionally weak. See you are not the healing centre who just console and resolve the problem of others, sometimes it is Ok but not always. You also have problems to deal with; in this way gradually you get entangled with the difficulties for others which result in more complexities of your life.

Practice Spirituality


Being spiritual is the best way to set yourself free from the intricacies of your life. Have the firm faith in your prayer, there is a great power in prayer if you do it with your full heart and soul, undertake the path of enlightenment. Spend some time with god, with nature, feel the serenity of atmosphere, do meditation, you will feel so light and pure. Spirituality doesn’t mean going to temples, religious places always, it is within. Feel the power, and purity of your soul

Everything is Temporary

Lastly don’t get affected by such temporary things, these temporary sentiments or emotions. You must have heard Khali haathaaye the khali haath jayenge , nothing will remain with you permanently neither people nor money, man is mortal, one day we all have to leave this life so why to get attached with the life so much, why to get affected with such minute things?

Which are meaningless. So, if everything is temporary why to get cling with it, why you want everything with you always?  Thus be happy and cheerful always, no need to go after anything just look after yourself and revitalize your emotions. So these crucial steps will actually let to renovate your life and Control your emotions.


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