Significance Of Silence-The Biggest tool of Strength

Have you ever wondered why God has given us just one mouth but two eyes and two ears? So, that we listen more, speak less and save our energy. Half of our energy will be saved if we react less and do more actions. By remaining quiet most of our problems will resolve automatically. In fact, studies have proved that power of silence has the ability to prod new cell production in the brain, improve memory and liberate tensions and anxieties in the brain and body. . Read more to know how silence can be effective for you:

Silence helps to make better decision makers

power of silence

When you remain silent and contemplate on your thoughts and alternatives, you tend to make decisions properly, you will have more clarity of mind and your thought process will work in a better way, in this way you will able to analyse more and become good decision makers.

Enhances Creativity of Mind


Silence helps in stimulating creativity of mind, infact great personalities, entrepreneurs have admitted that, understanding this deep silence helps you discover new ideas which makes our mind and innovative and creative, through being quiet you will get to know about your intuitions, imaginations and limits of your thought more which can contribute to make creative elements in mind.

Impressive Personality

Power Of Silence

When you remain quiet, people become curious to know what exactly is going in your mind, and hence want to mingle with you more. However you have also celebrities who don’t speak much in media and remain silent, they are adored by people and fans more. And even in places of social gathering or workplaces, people who always giggle and bauble seems to be irritating sometimes, in contrast humans who are quiet seems to calm and dignified and people are attracted towards their aura. Such people release more positivity in environment.

Silence can be the sign of Intelligence

Power of Silence | Importance of Silence

Intelligent people talk less and do more actions, they are proactive, they never boast about their intelligence or qualities, their work gives the certificate of their nature and personality, they speak with few words, but whatever they say is filled with meaning and relevance. They always seem to be sangfroid which helps them to exert powerful influence on others.

Silence makes Successful Leaders and Managers


Leaders use the path of silence to achieve their goals. Their silence is their fortitude. Managers should adopt the path of peace and quietness in order to build trust and empathy among employees. You should listen more and let your subordinates come up with new ideas, in this way they will feel more motivated. If there are some issues also, try to be calm and affable at that time and listen what difficulties other person is facing and resolve it in a right way. This way you will also become exemplar figure in front of other employees and co-workers. Being silent is the most important quality of any leaders

Silence sometimes heal relationships

Sometimes you just need to give time and wait for the favourable situations to come on their own. A perfect relationship is when you can also understand the silence of others. Giving the space of silence is indispensable sometimes to work on the issues.

Maybe the other person’s mind is also going through some other problems and tensions. At such times we need to behave in a mature way and let everything comes to its place on its own. Hence just realize the supreme Power of silence.

Calmness during the times of Difficulties


Ups and Downs are the part of life and it is obvious that we become weak during our difficult phase. During such times have the control on yourself, with panics , yelling and restlessness it is impossible to solve the problems. So, at these times try to calm yourself, spend some moments in silence so that you know where exactly is the problem, what steps should be taken in order to get rid of such negative situations, regulate your emotions in these situations.

Feelings of Silence in Nature


When you spend time with nature, experiencing the serenity of environment, divinity and purity of atmosphere, feeling the fresh air, taking the fragrance of fresh flowers, watching the birds, listening to their chirruping, that balmy nature soothes our mind and body, it gives the distinctive relaxation to us and restores us again. We feel refreshed and energised and start loving even the small things in life. And remember the way to God and spirituality is through silence and peace. With this we actually feel maximum Power of silence.

Self-compassion and awareness


Now a days we have become so occupied in our busy schedule that we are becoming sometimes harsh on ourselves and forgot what we actually want. We have to take out some time and contemplate on our confusions and hustle bustle going in our mind so that we feel eased, we have to show some kindness towards ourselves and take great self-care and this all can be possible when we maintain peace with ourselves and interact with silence for sometime to become self-aware.

Therefore let’s practice silence for sometime and inculcate the divine Power of silence in ourselves. We can attain big victories in life by remaining silent and listen our inner voice. It has its own language, during such pandemic time let’s devote few minutes by remaining silent. Try to hear deep voice of the soul within us and become more sensible and mindful




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