Tips To Increase Your Water Intake!


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Normally we should consume 2-3 litres of water per day if you consume less than this, it can take a serious toll on your health including problems like dehydration, headache and a lot of other health issues.

Here are a few ways you can drink more water and hydrate your body.

1. Add a Piece Of Lime Or Citrus Fruits

You can add natural flavours like small quantities of lime juice or pieces of citrus fruits in your water bottle, which will give your water a specific taste that you’ll enjoy drinking.

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2. Reduce The Number Of Caffeinated Drinks

If you are a big fan of caffeinated drinks like cold drinks and tea let me tell you, that caffeinated drinks contain diuretics that make you excrete more water.
You can Switch to more healthier options which don’t contain caffeine and try reducing the amount of caffeine intake in your diet. Use an app to keep count


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3. Use An App To Keep Count

There are a lot of apps available to keep track of the amount of water you drink per day. Using an app will not only make it easier to keep count of the number of glasses but will even keep you motivated to achieve your daily goal.

App to track of the amount of water you drink per day
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4. Drink Water Before Every Meal

Drinking water before meals is not only helpful for hydration but will also reduce your calorie intake, make you healthier and will help you reduce weight.

Drink Water Before Every Meal
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5. Eat

Instead of drinking, why not prefer eating! Eat foods rich in water content like melons, tomatoes, spinach, etc. or try having soups. It’ll be easier and a more fun way to stay hydrated.

Food Rich In Water

6. Carry A Bottle Everywhere

Try inculcating the habit of carrying a water bottle everywhere you go and drink a few sips after every half hour.


7. Drink Herbal Tea

Instead of caffeinated drinks, try drinking unsweetened green tea.
Green tea has a lot of benefits and contain antioxidants and will keep you hydrated!

herbal tea
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8. Zero Calorie Drink Mixes Are A Win

These mixes have no calories, come in different flavours and come in powdered and liquid options. They are easy to add to your water and have no side effects.

Zero calorie drink mixes

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the health benefits of staying hydrated.
Stay beautiful and don’t forget to drink water!


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