Robert Downey Junior To Return As Iron Man And We Can’t Control Our Excitement!

“And I…. am Iron Man”

Yes, don’t adjust your glasses you read it quite right, our favourite superhero is all set to make a comeback! In the light of Spiderman leaving Marvel Universe, this is probably the best news ever.

Iron Man
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When he took the last breath in Endgame, our hearts broke into a million little pieces. Of course, who could imagine Avengers without the genius, arrogant, billionaire philanthropist!

Iron Man
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So coming to details, the Marvel bosses are preparing for a series based on Ironheart, the teenage genius who continues Stark’s legacy in the comic books. RDJ’s character will be an AI, similar to J.A.R.V.I.S, who will train RiRi Williams to become a superhero.

Iron Man
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So basically, RDJ won’t be playing Iron Man Exactly, but he’ll be there. And that’s more than enough for us!
Earlier in 2019, RDJ gave his approval for Ironheart to take over from Ironman in the Marvel universe at a gala.

Iron Man

Although chances of seeing RDJ playing Iron Man once again are not totally out of the question, as Marvel is preparing for some spin-off movies where we can have a glance at this iconic superhero!
Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger has already confirmed reimagination of several fan-favourite characters!

Iron Man

Finally, the pain is subsiding and the blissful wave of hope can be seen. Since Disney and Sony are already advancing towards re-negotiating their deal over co-producing Spiderman, we just have to say one thing to these people:
“Do Give Us Hope!”

Fingers crossed!

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