“Think Before You Think” Your Thoughts Can Foster Ageing

Have you ever wondered why some people get older faster than their age? Well, science says its because of negativity that prevails in their mind for longer. The negative thoughts can actually make you age faster even before you age and science backs this reason.

What Makes You Age Faster As Per Science?

makes you age faster

Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel-winning scientist, and a health psychologist in a study has revealed something shocking. They say, although our complex genes are responsible for the rate of ageing there are many more factors as well.

Lifestyles, environments, and social relationships are those few factors. And your genes get affected by these factors. How? They further explain it:

Telomeres, the heart of our cells, are a part of DNA behind this fact. These repeating segments of DNA affect the cell division. Stress and negative thoughts make you age faster by making the telomeres short. As a result, the division of cell stops and the existing cells grow old.

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You, thus, start seeing the signs of ageing even before your age. So, negative thoughts make you age faster. Luckily, there is something else found in their study.

Ageing is not a constant process rather its dynamic. In short, you can accelerate or slow down the ageing process, but you cannot stop it. It is possible because these telomeres listen to you.

In other words, besides listening to the genetic code they also get affected by the food, exercise, and lifestyle. So, by focussing on good health and lifestyle you can actually prevent premature ageing.

But, how to stop thinking negative? That’s the question to which many would want to know the answer.

Unhealthy Thinking Patterns Make You Age Faster

What Makes You Age Faster

Scientists say negative thoughts to a great extent can make you grow old. Therefore, it is important to adopt methods that help to change these negative thinking patterns.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is found effective in dealing with negative thoughts. The way you react in a particular situation plays a very important role in dealing with negative thoughts. The identification of emotions and feelings especially the negative ones is thus highly important.

CBT therapy helps in this identification. As a result, your mind is already aware of the emotions you would get in a particular situation. You just have to shift those emotions or replace them with positive ones.

Besides CBT, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy or ACT is also helpful. If you don’t accept the negative feelings or emotions then CBT would be of no use.

Moreover, if your mind wanders a lot then also mindfulness meditation is effective. The psychological stress impacts your brain and body negatively and makes you age faster.

Therefore, such therapies and lifestyle change is important to reduce the negative effect on telomeres. Positive thinking will make your brain younger and keep you happy.

So, if you do not want to see any grey hair, wrinkles, and other ageing signs before your age, then get rid of negativity. Thinks positive and grow younger.

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