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Surrounded By Negative News? Here’s A Video That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

While coronavirus pandemic taking over the entire world, there’s serious news all around the globe. Additionally, incidents where doctors and nurses saving the lives of infected people were beaten and harassed. On the flip side, cops doing their job were beaten only makes us think the time we are living in.

But, if you are feeling down and overwhelmed by all these negativity and news just like us, then here’s an adorable video to restore your faith in humanity.

Recently, the video of a masked policeman is going viral online. In the video, the man can be spotted feeding a banana to a disabled monkey outside the police station.

Watch The Video Below:

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In the time where we usually hear cases of animals being beaten and abandoned on the roads, this heart-warming video shows how a bit of kindness and humanity goes a long way.

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The lockdown has not only affected human lives, but the life of street animals has also got affected. They find no food on the streets, so we urge people to come and feed stray animals during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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