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My Job Is Killing Me! 5 Signs Of Work Stress And Depression

Monday Blues suck, but if you get this feeling, everyday work stress and depression is the reason. The work culture can cause stress sometimes, due to heavy workload. But when the work stress continues for a longer period even without any reason, then you fall into a never-ending cycle of negative thoughts. 

As a result, you become less productive at work and feel more depressed. Work stress and depression can kill your professionalism. The worst part is few people don’t even realize the depression symptoms that their job causes. 

Here are a few signs that confirm your job is killing you.

Can’t Stop Thinking

works stress and depression

Weekends are for enjoying with your family and close friends. But if you cannot give your time to the loved ones after a long busy week, then your home life gets ruined. Constant rumination about the last meetings makes you depressed.

It’s a visible sign of work stress and depression that prevents you from enjoying your home life. 

Complaining About Work

work stress and depression

Unhappy people always complain about whether about their life or work. Their lot of time goes into explaining why they are unhappy because it makes them feel good. However, always complaining about your job steals your mental strength.

As a result, you feel distressed. If you cannot stop yourself from complaining about your boss, work culture, colleagues, for no reason, then it’s because of work stress and depression.

Social Events Are Not Fun With Colleagues

work stress and depression

Your exhaustive job sucks the fun part out of your life. You will feel social events boring and taking “me time” as an exhausting activity. Thus, you will avoid every opportunity to have fun with your co-workers because it drains you.

It’s an indication that you are completely exhausted from work life, and nothing can make you happy now.

Health Issues

work stress and depression

With work, stress and depression come serious health issues as well. Soon you will feel headaches, stomachache, bad appetite, weak immune system, and more physical depression symptoms. 

The symptoms of depression remain at least for two weeks. During this period, it severely affects your mental as well as physical health. So, if you see these health issues, then it’s due to work stress and depression. 

Feel Irritated

works stress and depression

A miserable job makes your patience thin. Questions by your co-workers can piss you off quickly. A little delay in work can make you irritable. Soon every activity of others will make you irritated. 

Losing patience for no or simple reasons is again a sign of depression that an unhealthy work environment causes. 

Check out these five subtle signs of work stress and depression. If you don’t like your work, then it’s better to quit early than falling into depression. 

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