These Pictures Show How Nature Is Healing Itself Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The whole world is fighting against a pandemic COVID-19 which has enveloped many parts of the world. People are petrified with the aura this fatal disease has made. We all admit that it has been ages since we saw so silent roads and nature took over the environment.

Since most parts of the world have been under lockdown due to Coronavirus, nature is utilizing the time to heal itself. Delhi reported a clear sky and clean air index which is rare due to high pollution that prevails in the capital. In Mumbai, people spotted dolphins along the coast side as the ferries are not moving.

Nature is dominating the world as humans are locked inside the home. Is this nature’s way of healing itself?

Let Us Go Through Pictures And Videos That Prove The Healing Of Nature Amid Coronavirus Lockdown:

1. Swans Were Seen In Venice Canals

The busy streets of Venice which remained covered with tourist and canals crowded with gondolas were seen empty during coronavirus lockdown. As a result, the swans got back where they belonged. The view looked much better as nature took over.

2. Penguins Roam Freely In Chicago Aquarium

Penguins are those rare species which are mostly seen in aquariums. Chicago aquarium that was shut down due to the pandemic made free penguins roam inside the aquarium. Since there was no human disturbance the penguins looked happy while exploring the place.

3. Dropdown in Pollution Level In Italy

Italy is the most affected country right now by the COVID-19. The place has reported maximum deaths and affected people. The lockdown of the place reduced the pollution level which otherwise used to be very high. NASA released the images that show a significant drop down in pollution, better air quality and clear sky.

4. Dolphins Spotted Along Mumbai Marine Line

It is believed that Mumbai Never sleeps and is one of the busiest and happening places in India. The coronavirus outbreak has locked down the city and no humans were seen. The marine lines which are Mumbai’s most visited spot were silent and no movement of ferries was seen. The Marine life was happy as dolphins were spotted along the coast. This was a very rare sighting which proved that nature is dominating the world right now.

5. Fishes Return In Venice Lagoon

Small fishes return to Venice lagoon as the gondolas no more disturb them during the lockdown.

6. Clear Sky And Better Air Quality In Delhi

The capital complains the most about the deteriorating air quality ad increased pollution. Many steps ere taken to control [pollutiin in Delhi but nature found out a way to control it. The clear sky amid the lockdown relieve nature from pollution for some time.

7. Peacocks Spotted In Madrid

The peacocks felt so safe during the lockdown that they were seen on Madrid streets which are very rare.

8. Streets Of Zokapne Taken Over By Deer

Many deer were spotted on the roads of Zokapne claiming their territory amid the lockdown.

The situation of the world might be very serious and disturbing but seeing the nature healing and claiming its presence all over feels good.

Meenal Fadnavis
I am a fervor content creator and blogger. My skills specialize in creative writing and editing. I am a very keen observer and a passionate learner.

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