The Differences Between Semen And Sperm You Need To Know!

A lot of confusion always prevails between these two. Are they different? Does Semen contain Sperms or vice-versa? Why does it look and smell different sometimes? Is it actually great for the skin and can prevent miscarriages? And a lot more questions like these. This time we thought to clear the turmoil for once and all. Let’s clear out these hoard of mysteries called Semen and Sperm.

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What Is Semen?

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Semen and sperm are not the same things, sperms fertilize the egg inside a woman’s body, and to reach there, they are carried by fluids i.e. semen. Semen is produced by different male sex organs.
There are two tubes in the pelvis, the seminal vesicles provide fructose, that gives spermatozoa the energy it needs to swim to the female egg. The prostate fluid contains chemicals that make the semen more liquidy so that the sperm has more mobility. All these components make up semen.

What Do Sperms Contain?

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Sperm contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, ascorbic acid, citric canid, lactic acid, fructose, zinc, magnesium, potassium, fat, sodium and many different proteins, but in a very low quantity.

What Is The Quantity?

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During ejaculation, the average amount of semen that comes out is around 2 to 5 mL, which is roughly equal to one teaspoon. Although you’ll be surprised to know the number of sperms it contains: nearly 15 million to 200 million. That, in a single ejaculation!
Now whenever you feel low in life, just think that you fought and won against roughly 200 million others to be born!
Okay Sorry.

Does The Quality Of Semen Change with Age?

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According to a study, sperm produced by men over the age of 52 is less viable than the sperm of younger men. The production of semen is highest in men in their 20s and can decrease slowly after the 20s.

What Is Pre-Cum?

Pre-cum hardly contains any viable sperm. The sperm found in the precum is immobile and the little amounts are extremely unlikely to result in pregnancy.
The job of the precum is to act as natural lube.

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What Job Does Semen Do?

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Sperms can live up to five days inside a woman’s reproductive tract, waiting to fertilize the egg as soon as it appears. But semen cannot live for long outside the body. If deposited into the air or on a hard surface, it can live until it becomes dry.

Can Semen Be Allergic?

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Allergy because of semen is highly unlikely, but not totally impossible. The main culprit is the protein found in semen which can trigger allergic reactions.
Another way by which allergy can happen is if the woman has an allergy to some particular food or antibiotic, which the partner has consumed before the intercourse.
The allergy due to semen results in redness or swelling at the point of contact.

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