Know The Major Symptoms Of Lung Infection That Can Get You In Trouble

Pneumonia is the most common type of lung infection that affects smaller air sacs of the lungs. Mostly it is caused by contagious bacteria or viruses. Sometimes fungi also cause lung infection.

Our body consumes them when we are breathing nearby the person infected by cough or sneeze. The initial symptoms of lung infection are just as common as viral fever.

So, how do you get to know you are infected by it? Don’t worry, here we have mentioned all major symptoms of lung infection in detail.

7 Major Symptoms Of Lung Infection

1. Cough That Creates Mucus

Symptoms Of Lung Infection
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Normal coughing is not a problem. But if it starts producing thick mucus of distinct colour like white, green or yellowish-grey, that can be a problem. It is the first and most initial symptom of Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Sometimes, Mucus may also contain blood.

2. Stabbing Chest Pain

Symptoms Of Lung Infection
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Chest pain in lung infection is often described as stabbing. The internal edge of your chest cavity and lung surroundings becomes inflamed because of viruses and bacteria. The pain becomes worse while breathing deeply and coughing. Sometimes the sharp pain may also be felt in your mid and upper back.

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3. Fever

Symptoms Of Lung Infection
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It also causes high fever as our body tries to fight the infection. The normal body temperature of the human body is around 98.6 degrees. But if you have a bacterial lung infection, it will rise up to 105 degrees. Fever above 102 degrees may result in other various symptoms like sweating, chills, headache, weakness, etc. You have to consult with a doctor if the fever goes over 102 degrees.

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4. Body Pains

Pneumonia Symptoms

After a short period, your back and muscle may start aching. It is called Myalgia. Sometimes lung infections also cause inflammation in our body which leads to this body pain.

5. Runny Nose

Pneumonia Symptoms
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It also affects the upper respiratory system that can cause runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. They are the most common symptoms of lung infection. Usually, it is observed in Bronchitis and Pneumonia.

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6. Shortness Of Breath

Pneumonia Symptoms

If you are getting a problem in breathing because of a cold, cough, and fever, you have to concern with a doctor. Because it is a very serious stage of lung infection. It causes swollen lungs and damages the upper respiratory system.

7. Fatigue

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It’s not weird for people with a lung infection to feel fatigued. It reduces airflow into your lungs that make breathing very difficult. Because of the reduction in oxygen supply in our bodies, we feel exhausted. Resting is very important during this time.

These are the 7 major symptoms of lung infection. If you are experiencing one of these, then catch up with the doctor as soon as possible.

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