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Shining Through Dark: First-Evers of Indian Transgenders

“Gender Defines Abilities” Sounds biased, right? Gender plays no role in defining what a man or a woman can do but society is letting sexuality raising the question- Where do we fit in? This is so true in the case of transgenders who struggle hard for their existence and rights. However, there are few becoming an inspiration for not only transgenders but the whole world.

Meet the first-ever transgenders who are breaking barriers in every field.

Laxmi Narayan: First Transperson In UN 

laxmi narayan tripathi
via: punjabkesari

For the first time, a transperson had represented the Asia Pacific in United Nations and it was none other than Laxmi Narayan. Born as a male in the female body, Laxmi was lucky as a child because her parents didn’t abandon her that usually happens in other parts of the country.

She got an education and everything that a normal child gets. Young Laxmi was interested in classic dancing and became a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. But, being a transgender she always knew there are others more like her who are incapable of raising their voice.

So Laxmi turned into an activist and became the voice of all the LGBTQ+. In 2007, she also opened an NGO Astitiva for providing further assistance to the sexual minorities.

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K Prithika: First Transgender Police Officer
first transgender police officer

Society may divide us into several categories but the will to serve motherland can’t be defined by sexuality. Tamil Nadu’s K Prithika Yashini has proved that by becoming the first transgender police officer.

At first, she was rejected but she stood for her right and filed a petition in the Madras High Court. Prithika qualified for the exam and became a sub-inspector in Tamil Nadu’s police cadre.

Joyita Mondal: First Transgender Judge

first transgender judge
via: youtube

Joyita Mondal struggled hard to become a judge and her journey started from begging in the streets and sleeping at bus stands as she left her home at a very young age.

And not just survival was difficult for her, getting a good education was a battle too. She earned a law degree, fought for the rights of transgender, opened an organization for the same, and in 2017 became the first judge from the LGBTQ+ community.

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Dr. VS Priya: First Transgender Doctor

first transgender doctor
via: thebetterindia

Jinu was born male but with age, identity changed that brought embarrassment as she was a girl in the male body. At first, he tried to hide the identity and focus only on education. After completing the education, Jinu underwent multiple surgeries to transform his appearance.

He also changed his name from Jinu to Priya and is serving as a doctor in Kerala. She is first in India and inspiring every transperson to pursue their dreams.

Beconcy Laishram, a 27-yeard old doctor of Manipur, is first in the northeast from the trans community. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju from Karnataka is another inspirational medical student breaking gender stereotypes.

Nitasha Biswas: First Trans Beauty Pegeant
first trans queen

Stylist, model, make-up artist, and transgender, Nitasha Biswas stunned everyone in 2017 by winning the title of a beauty pageant. She was the first to win that title and also represented the country in Miss Trans Australia and Miss International Queen in 2019.

Transgenders are not leaving any stone untouched when it comes to showing their true abilities and these inspiring personalities have shined through all the odds. It seems things are gradually improving for these minorities still there is a lot to do.



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