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North Korea Recently Tested ‘Solid-Fuel’ ICBM To Hit US

North Korea has revealed that it has experimented with a new type of solid-fuel foreign ballistic missile that can have a lot of nuclear warheads for the United States, with leader Kim Jong Un on hand to witness the bung of his newest weapon. 

The Statement Of The Official News Agency

The official news agency of North Korea, the Korean Central News Agency stated that “The new strategic missile, the ‘Hwasong-18’ intercontinental ballistic missile, which plays a significant role in the nation’s strategic military power, was experimented.”


It also went on further to state that, “the missile is made to play a crucial role in the strategic nuclear deterrent of North Korea against “capable invasion of enemy forces.”

The authorities of North Korea have given the sack to a distrusted ICBM on April 13 that dropped off on the main island of Japan, Hokkaido

The Military Parade

North Korea

The newest experiment provided a reminder of the multitude of weapons North Korea has released in the past few months to provide a nuclear strike as it says no to involvement in disarmament-for-aid talks that have been hindered for years.

In February 2023, a military parade was conducted in which North Korea introduced five canisters for an evident new solid-fuel ICBM by the streets of Pyongyang, displaying a future weapon that will be swifter to deploy and swifter to fire off than its existing weapons of liquid-fuel ICBMs, providing the United States very less time to prepare its defenses. 

Kim has released a new warning against the United States and its associates, guaranteeing to carry on to develop the nation’s nuclear weapons program against “any hostility and inducements,” KCNA revealed.  

‘Hwasong-18’: A Crucial Development

North Korea

The all-new ‘Hwasong-18’ is referred to as a crucial development in North Korea’s missile abilities and has advanced solid-fuel thrust technology and a dependable separation system, KCNA revealed. 

The Hwasong-18 missile system will work as a crucial core weapon system, protecting our country, putting off aggression, and protecting national security,” as per KCNA. 

The images of the launch issued on state media reveal what seems to be a larger-scale rocket setting off from near a body of water. 

The Pressure Of North Korea

North Korea

In the past few months, North Korea has increased pressure with new experiments on systems for nuclear strikes and discontinued a communication link with South Korea positioned around five years ago to minimize tensions as well as the steady border. 

It wanted a break from joint military drills between the United States and its associates in the territory, intimidating to release unequaled action to the exercises. 

The step of the United States to separate Russia over Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine doubled with growing antipathy toward China, has permitted Kim to make his nuclear power strong. 

There is a negligible chance that Russia or China, which have veto power at the council, will back any laws against North Korea, as it was also followed in 2027 after a set of weapons experiments that gave rise to  ex-president Donald Trump to alert of “fire and fury.”

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