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Kim Jong Un Urges North Korean Women to Have More Children!! See Why?

North Korea has quite a bad reputation in terms of leadership from their dictator Kim Jong Un. The government of the country has made another controversial statement that makes it very clear that the government just wants to protect itself. The government has now asked women in the country to have more children.

Now, it might sound like a good initiative at first but considering the aim behind it, one would disagree with it instantly. The government has urged women of the country to have more children so that they could later serve the country. They further retrieved it to be called “flowers of loyalty” to Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un’s New Dictatorship Plan

On International Women’s Day, North Korea plans to ask women in their country to have more children as a sign of patriotism towards the country. The newborns will grow up and serve the country’s defense line and their mothers will be paid with rewards for the sake of delivering a child for the nation.

Kim Jong Un
Source: Twitter

Lecture on “Self-Empowering” Patriotism 

The reports suggest that these announcements were made during a lecture conducted for housewives. In this lecture, they said that having more children and sending them to the People’s Army is a great way to showcase patriotism.

The lecture further stated that a woman should fulfill her duties as a wife, daughter-in-law, and mother and help boost the country’s economy. As per reports, fertile women are considered as the greatest virtue for patriots.

The lecturers also showcased a few women who have already devoted their patriotism by sending seven to eight children to the defense line of the nation. They further encouraged other women to follow them and contribute to the country.

Treats for the So-called “Act of Patriotism”

The lecturer announced that the women willing to devote their patriotism to the country will be awarded with a government-sponsored trip to the country’s capital Pyongyang.

The lecturer further told the listeners that Kim Jong Un himself announced that the mothers of the children will be personally invited to represent special military events as special representatives.

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