National Pet Day: Know The 5 Best Adorable Companions Other Than Dogs

Do you hate dogs or for any reason cannot keep them as pet? Here are the best pets other than dogs you can make your forever buddy. This is right time as today is National Pet Day.

This is a day to celebrate and show love for your furry friends who have never left in tough times and loved unconditionally. The day is a reminder for everyone that pets too need our time, love, and care. And if you don’t have one then this is the best time to bring that lovely companion at home.

Probably, the dogs might be on your mind but who said only they can have the title of best pets? Their loyal nature, unconditional love, and ability to connect deeply with humans make them the most preferred one but there are so many best pets other than dogs. Especially when your kids are asking for the one.

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Choices are ample and so is the reason to bring them home.

Why Should Dogs Have All The Fun? Meet The 5 Best Loyal And Friendly Pets 


best pets other than dogs

Rabbits are the cutest one. These soft creatures are best cuddly and kids-friendly friends. Their low aggressive behavior and charming nature will attract you at the first sight. They are great indoor pets especially the female ones as male rabbits are more outgoing. The best part is you don’t have to take them outside for defecation, just keep few litter trays around them.

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But they need litter training or else your home will smell disgusting due to the poop’s smell. Also, handle them with care as they are vulnerable. Feed them best and fresh.

Guinea Pig

guinea pigs

If you don’t like rabbits, then get a cute guinea pig. These are very adorable, fun-loving, low-maintenance, kids-friendly, and can instantly bring a smile to your face. The only thing you won’t like about them is the foul smell they release.

It can be annoying so regularly clean their cage. The good part is they don’t need a bath every day and require only basic supplies for cage setup. Contrary to the other pets from the rodent family like rabbits and hamsters, guinea pigs are docile and strong. They are not shy and love to be around humans.


national pet day
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Don’t underestimate these noisy creatures, they are intelligent, social, and often love cuddling. They are going to be the best pets other than dogs and the reason is their cheerful personality. The beautiful colors of these feathery pets will make you love them more.

They are great stress buster, attentive, and low-maintenance too. However, some of the bird breeds are highly expensive like hyacinth macaw, mountain bluebird, scarlet tanager, and many more. Before getting a one, make sure that bird pets are legal in your country.

Also, keep them isolated from other pets as they can catch infection and die. Special care is required to keep them healthy so be attentive while owning birds.


pet fish

Having an aquarium full of colorful fishes is the best thing. These marine creatures are also the best pets as they don’t need much space, have calming effects, quiet, and are not attention seekers. Beware of their diet as overfeeding or underfeeding, both can degrade their health. Cleaning their tanks is very necessary as they are quick to catch infections. You’ll have to maintain the water temperature of the tanks so that they can breathe properly.


national pet day

Last but not the least, cats are the best. Having a curious kitten around you would keep you away from bad hair days, loneliness, allergies. A Himalayan cat or a Persian would be absolutely good for the fresh pet owners.

You can have any you want but keep a check over the legal issues to have a pet at home as many pets are illegal in some countries.

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