Pet Day( 11 April)- Top 5 Indian Breeds That Are Rare And Worthy

Pet Day( 11 April)- Top 5 Indian Breeds That Are Rare And Worthy

Anyone who is thinking of bringing a cute companion at home, then nothing can be better than a dog pet. There are lots of interesting Indian dog breeds that one can adopt. Lots of pet owners focus on foreign breeds of a dog because of their exotic features. But, do not ignore the Indian kinds as they are equally attractive and worthy to adopt.

Here are the top 5 Indian dog breeds that you can bring home.

Top 5 Interesting Indian Dog Breeds 

Mudhol Hound

interesting Indian dog breeds

Caravan hound resembles to gaze hounds. This Indian dog breed is famous for its hunting and guarding skills. However, you cannot get this breed anywhere else in the country except in Karnataka, especially Mudhol. Mudhol is a town in Karnataka, after which this Indian breed gots its name.

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Indian Pariah Dogs

interesting Indian dog breeds

You can call it Desi dog, who is known for its good behavior, alertness, and intelligence. Among all the top 5 Indian breeds, desi dogs have the highest ability to adapt skills. Moreover, they can easily adjust to the cultural and natural environment. Also, they are popular by south Asian pye-dog name. So, they are worth making pets.


top 5 indian dog breed

Usually, you will find this unusual Indian breed in the Western Ghats. Unfortunately, they are about to extinct. But the Tamil Nadu state is working well to prevent their extinct, most of the pet lovers and animal supports are saving the lives of Combai. These dogs are very aggressive but loyal as well.


indian dog breed

You can find this indigenous breed of dog only in Tamil Nadu as it is rarest of all the interesting dog breeds. Kanni dogs are famous for speed.

Rampur Greyhound

indian dog breed

Since they are found in Rampur, North India thus got the name Rampur Greyhound. But do not go after its simple name as they are the most powerful dogs. Their strong jaws make them excellent hunters. Therefore, this exotic Indian breed was the favorite of the Maharajahs. Rampur greyhound can hunt even dangerous animals like tigers, lions, panthers, and leopards.

So, these were the top 5 Indian breeds who are known for their powerful features and loyalty. They are rare and worth adopting. Besides these, kinds like Pandikona, Jonangi, Rajapalayam dogs are also interesting Indian dog breeds.