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Explore The 7 Unheard Facts About Sparrows On “World Sparrow Day”

“Oh ri chiraiyaan, nanhi si chidiyaan, angna mein fir aja re” The reason we are reciting these lines today on “World Sparrow Day” is not uncommon. Gorraiyaan or Sparrows are very common birds found everywhere once but now their population is declining not only in India but across the world.

Passer Domesticus or Gorraiyan is on the red list of the UK’s Royal Society for Protection of Birds and scenarios in India are not very different. World Sparrow Day is a reminder to us that these common birds are at risk.

And there is no one reason for it, pollution, mobile radiation, habitat destruction, use of insecticides, and increase in a number of cities; all these have made the survival of these amazing but ordinary-looking birds tough. Want to know what makes them so amazing? Read interesting facts about them below.

Sparrows Can Swim

world sparrow day

The view of sparrows playing in the water during summers is quite relaxing but do you know these birds can swim as well. Yes, sparrows can dive into water and travel from one place to the other beneath the water.

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National Bird Of Italy

world sparrow day

Passer Italiae, one of the types of sparrows is the national bird of Italy and is similar to house sparrows. They are hybrid species and are mainly found in several parts of Italy and France.

India Is Home To 5 Species Of Sparrows

There was a time when sparrows were our morning alarms. Even though it was noisy and unpleasant, at least they were better than the alarm clocks.

world sparrow day
via: birdbgone

And we all had adored these cute birds wandering freely in our gardens and tried to befriend with them. This scenario is now hardly a view. India reportedly has only 5 out of 26 species of sparrows and that to be few thousands in number as per the ICAR. These are as follows:

  1. House sparrows common across the country
  2. Eurasian tree sparrow in eastern India
  3. russet sparrow in Northern Himalayas
  4. Sindh sparrow in Northwest frontier
  5. Spanish sparrow in Northern parts

They Can Fly At Greater Speed

world sparrow day
via: depositphotos

These birds might seem slow but they can quickly attain the speed of 50km/hour. However, the usual speed of sparrows is 38.5 km/hour.

Angry Birds

world sparrow day
via: h-iq

Though they are widely loved for their friendly nature, sparrows are very aggressive and fierce. They are not afraid of fighting with other birds whether from their flock or species.

Sparrows Are Playful

world sparrow day

Rolling in dust and soil is a favorite activity of these notorious birds. That’s why they are often seen taking dust baths during summers.

They Love Humans

world sparrow day
via: hdnicewallpapers

Gorraiyyaan love human beings that’s why they are usually seen in cities, villages, and every place where one can find humans except the deserts and forests.

Above all, these are great pets and they will make your day. But let the birds free and don’t hold them captive in a cage. Even if you want, you can’t because they are dying and leaving their favorite dwellings and only we are responsible for it.

“I Love Sparrows” and you should love them too so, on World Sparrow Day let’s pledge to save them.

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