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Makeup Hacks 101: 5 Hacks To Fade The Pesky Dark Circles In Minutes With Makeup

Dark circles are one of those biggest fears of Girls that can quickly turn their good mood into bad. But we can’t run from them as working late hours or too much stress will definitely give us those pesky shadows under the eyes. Covering them with makeup is a quick way to deal with them but it would do the trick only when you know the right way. No need to search anywhere or ask an expert.

Learn those tips and tricks here.

5 Quick Tips To Hide Dark Circles With Makeup

Trick 1- Cover With Foundation

how to hide dark circles with makeup
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Right base can do wonders especially for the dark circles. It will hide your imperfections like blemishes, uneven tone, wrinkles, and more if you choose the right base.

Many girls can’t decide which foundation works better for their skin tone and they pick any shade that seems good. Don’t do it. Pick according to your skin tone and if you don’t know how then use this simple trick.

Check your wrist and see what color do they have. A blue or purple color indicates cool undertone. Warm undertone has green or olive color veins and those with mix colors have neutral skin tone.

Next step is to test the foundation, the perfect match is one that blends with your skin. Test it around your jawline or T-zone of your face.

Use a makeup sponge to apply the full coverage foundation evenly on the skin. A sponge will blend the foundation better than a brush.

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Trick 2- Concealer Hides Better

how to hide dark circles with concealer
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Concealer is a game changer when it comes to hide dark circles. Here’s how to use this magic makeup product:

  • Moisturize your skin well to make the skin smooth
  • Use a colour-correcter for the eyes
  • Apply a warm tone concealer
  • Dust with a loose powder
  • Complete the process with a foundation

Trick 3- Apply It Differently

how to hide dark circles
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Don’t just follow the old way of applying concealer and color corrector. Apply in different shapes and angle like an upside-down triangle shape.

Trick 4- Use A Liquid Highlighter

Don’t be afraid of highlighter as it won’t highlight your dark circles instead it lightens them. All you have to do is to mix foundation with a dime size highlighter and cover up your dark circles.

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Trick 5- Eye Cream

An eye cream won’t hide it instantaneous but if you do apply it everyday then those annoying patches will go off completely. Applying it twice will give you results faster.

But do not just rely on these makeup hacks. Bring some changes in your skin routine and lifestyle habits to get rid of those under-eye troubles forever.

5 Natural Ways To Fade Dark Circles

how to hide dark circles naturally
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  • Boost The Vitamin C Intake– Vitamin C is a buzzy skincare ingredients that slow down the ageing, ward off the bacteria, boost collagen production, and bring the natural glow on the skin. So, start eating vitamin C rich fruits and veggies.
  • Hydrate Well- Under eye skin is more sensitive and can easily dry off if you don’t level up the fluid intake. As a result all the moisture of the skin gets lost and you get dark circles, pimples, and other skin issues. That’s why it’s crucial to drink water more.
  • Sleep well- Often sleep is blamed for the dark circles and that’s true because our skin faces so much throughout the day. It needs rest too so take proper rest and avoid waking up till late.
  • Stress- Stress can be the reason for not getting proper sleep which eventually affects our skin. Yoga and meditation will help dealing with daily stress and improve skin health.
  • Massage- Your skin needs pampering and massage with coconut oil can be the best treatment you can give to the facial skin. Massage the areas around the eyes with light finger daily and soon you will see the changes.

Apart from these, invest in a good eye pack, eye toner, and eat balanced diet to lighten the dark circles.

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