6 Skincare Advice That Every Girl Should Stop Believing Right Now

There is no dearth of advice when it comes to getting flawless skin naturally but are they worthy? Can we rely on those skincare suggestions that are just words of mouth? Well, some actually work while others are just baseless. Here we have piled up a list of all those worst skincare advice that need to be ignored right now.

Check them below!

Never Believe These 6 Skincare Tips That Sounds Genuine 

Remove Makeup Before Bed

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One of the common makeup advice that we get is don’t sleep with makeup on as cosmetics can damage the skin when worn for longer hours. But, in reality, it is not that bad. However, the reason behind this piece of advice is that one can get eye irritation from the mascara.

Moreover, the makeup will strain the pillow and bedsheets that is why it is suggested to remove all the makeup before you go to sleep.

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Pop A Zit To Get Rid Of Pimples Faster

worst skincare advice
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Many of us do this mistake and end up with a mark that stays longer than the pimples would. But this is one of the worst skincare advice as popping the pimples can cause infection and leads to more pimples.

Instead of squeezing and extracting the white head from the pimples, use skincare products that contain salicylic acid, retinol, or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients help to clear out the skin from the depth and make it healthy from the inside.

Get Rid Of Wrinkles With Facial Exercise

worst skincare advice
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You might have heard it at least once and believed it too or you might have tried it. Well, it sounds genuine and doesn’t have any side effects so what’s the problem doing facial exercise for wrinkles.

Does it really work? Not at all because once you get the wrinkles doing any exercise for the face can’t undo them. In fact, it can aggravate the wrinkles. Instead eat healthy foods for skin like berries, salmon, tomatoes, carrots, apricots, nuts, and beans.

A healthy diet will nourish your skin from inside giving a natural glow on the skin but don’t expect the wrinkles to go completely as aging is a natural process.

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You Cannot Cure Acne With Diet

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You can find its answer in the previous advice. Foods have the power to heal especially when it comes to acne. However, you should know about the right diet and supplements. Ask the expert dermatologist and nutritionist for the best results.

Coconut Oil Is The Best Moisturizer

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Natural ingredients are undoubtedly the best for the skin but not all of them work equally for all skin types. Coconut oil is popular among all home remedies for acne, dry skin, and other skin issues.

In reality, coconut oil can be the reason you get new pimples and blackheads. Why? Coconut oil clogged the skin pores which leads to small acne on your face.

So, don’t just rely on coconut oil for moisturizing your skin.

Oily Skin Needs Frequent Wash

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That’s completely wrong and if you do wash your face multiple times a day then stop doing it right now. Frequent face wash can make your skin dry which means your skin will produce more sebum to keep it moist. This excess production leads to more acne.

What to do? Use a scrub to clear your skin and prevent acne breakout. Also, don’t wash your skin more than two times a day.


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