Follow These Simple Makeup Tips To Look Glamorous Even With A Mask

Living with a mask has become the new normal and gradually we are getting used to it. Since colonial times have totally changed the way we all use to live, and therefore our makeup game also needs a revolutionary change. Putting the mask on hides our half face and so our eyes have to be the most expressive part.

With the changing time, we all need to upgrade our makeup game and with these simple tips, it would be very easy.

1. Shape Your Eyebrows Well


If you had been ignoring your brows then its time you should not. Perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows can magically break or make your look. Since the focus would be on the upper side of your face eyebrows will help in enhancing the look.

2. Express Through Your Eyes

eye makeup

Choose your eye makeup according to the occasion. You can go for a shimmery or smoky eye look to grab the attention. If you want a subtle look then a winged eyeliner and mascara would also be good enough.

3. Choose Products That Won’t Require Touch Up

makeup products

Choose products that won’t require any touch-ups. You can choose mineral-based products for your skin. Go for a matt finish makeup.

4. Choose Lip Balms Instead Of Lipstick

Lip balm

Since your lip area would be covered by the mask do not invest in a lipstick. Instead, you can choose a good lip balm to keep them hydrated or a lip tint would also look good and light.

These tips can be followed even while a daily look or even if you are getting ready for a party. Flaunt your makeup and slay your look with these simple yet great tips.

Meenal Fadnavis
I am a fervor content creator and blogger. My skills specialize in creative writing and editing. I am a very keen observer and a passionate learner.

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