Are You Diabetic or Obese? Then Must-Know About Fatty Liver Home Treatment

Fat is bad for our body, but how bad is not unknown to many. It can kill the liver- the most vital organ of the body. Around 30% of the world’s population i.e. 2.1 billion is at high risk of liver failure even if they are not consuming alcohol. This should be taken seriously if you have excessive weight or diabetes. But there is something to be considered even more seriously that is how to reduce fatty liver disease naturally.

This is because home treatment is the only way to protect the liver from damage and reverse if excess fat-build up has already started damaging it.

What Is Fatty Liver And Its Symptoms?

how to reduce fatty liver naturally

The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body without which one cannot survive. It helps in making essential proteins for the body; removes toxins, stores iron, helps in blood clotting, and digestion. But all these functions get disrupted due to extra fat stored in them.

Although, the liver has some amount of fat which is considered healthy and poses no risk when this amount increases, the chances of early damage increases too. This condition is called fatty liver disease. It can even give rise to liver cancer or cause complete failure of the liver if the damage reaches cirrhosis.

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Symptoms Of Fatty Liver Disease

The worst part is it does not show any special symptoms but one can get hints by observing these conditions:

  • Swelling on legs and abdomen
  • Weakness
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Yellow eyes
  • Fatigue

These signs may indicate some other medical condition so to be obvious about having fatty liver one must undergo a diagnosis process. Blood tests, CT scans, and liver biopsy will help doctors in the process but one must be careful as soon as they gain excess weight.

Who Else Are At Risk of Fatty Liver Disease?

fatty liver home treatment

A certain group of people will get fatty liver at some point in life if they do not manage their lifestyle. These are:

  • Type 2 diabetic patients
  • People with high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Those taking steroids
  • Certain medicines like tamoxifen, amiodarone, and diltiazem are also responsible for the extra fat build up on the liver

How To Reduce Fatty Liver Naturally?

fatty liver diet

Since there is no fatty liver treatment, controlling your diet and improving your lifestyle are the only ways to prevent it. Here are a few dietary suggestions and home remedies as suggested by health experts to reduce fatty liver naturally

1. Mediterranean diet is good for such people as it contains a variety of healthy food and restricts all processed foods, refined grains, and alcohol. Avocados, olives, legumes, and whole grains are popular food items in this diet.

2. The fatty liver diet should have omega-3 rich foods or you can rely on supplements too. It helps in controlling cholesterol levels and improves heart health too.

3. Vitamin E is another important nutrient to add to your diet for reducing a fatty liver. However, diabetics should consult a doctor as a high dose of Vitamin E can harm them.

4. Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee is also effective in managing fatty liver disease. It boosts the inflammation-fighting ability of the body by improving the production of useful enzymes that protects the liver.

5. If you are not a coffee person then opt for green tea and milk thistle. Researchers have found them as an effective alternative treatment of fatty liver.

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What To Avoid?

  1. Sugar is bad for those with fatty liver as it leads to fat buildup, so say no to all the sugary cupcakes, soft drinks, and food containing added sugar.

2. Eating fat-rich foods is not recommended as they will worsen the conditions. So, avoid all full-fat dairy products such as cheese, butter, heavy cream, milk yogurt, and whole milk. Baked goods, fried and processed food items should be cut from the diet too.

3. Alcohol is a complete NO

4. Certain medications as indicated above also increase the risk of fatty liver disease, so quit them too on the advice of a doctor

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Note- Sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common reasons behind fatty liver disease so get active and lose weight to manage the symptoms. Merely a 30-minute brisk walk or moderate exercise for 150 minutes can reduce the risk to a larger extent.





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