World Hypertension Day 2021: Easy Ways To Manage High Blood Pressure ( Silent Killer)

Everyone should measure their blood pressure level once in a while because hypertension or high blood pressure acts as a silent killer. The theme of World Hypertension Day 2021 recommends the same but measuring blood pressure without a sphygmomanometer is difficult. However, normal symptoms like headache and dizziness are the indications but these 10 high blood pressure symptoms are the accurate indication.

Read further to know about those signs of hypertension, tips to lower blood pressure, and its impact on covid patients.

World Hypertension Day 2021

world hypertension day

Every year on 17th May the World celebrates this event of importance and aware people about complications of hypertension. Around 30 percent of adults are suffering from hypertension but only a few of them are aware.

This leads to increase complications and risks such as heart failure, dementia, vision loss, and coronary artery disease. What causes hypertension?

Eating certain foods high in salt is the major reason but a sedentary lifestyle, long-term kidney issues, diabetes, and hormone problems also increase bp. However, it occurs in stages where the first stage refers to prehypertension when the bp measurement lies between 120-139 mm Hg. If it goes above 140 then the risk is more.

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

world hypertension day

  1. Vision Issue
  2. Shortness of Breathe
  3. Severe headaches
  4. Pain in chest
  5. Confusion
  6. Fatigue
  7. Blood in the urine
  8. Sleeping difficulty
  9. Nervousness
  10. Nosebleeding

If you suffer from most of these symptoms of high blood pressure, consult a doctor to prevent any severity. However, these symptoms are not visible in every patient thus going for a regular BP check can save you from the risk of hypertension.

Tips To Lower Blood Pressure

Experts suggest these easy ways to keep your bp under control without any medicines.

tips to lower blood pressure

If you are obese then reduce your weight. Outdoor exercises or light indoor exercises for half an hour a day are enough to maintain a healthy weight. Here are the 5 best exercises to manage hypertension:

1. 30 minutes of biking
2. Slow treadmill running
3. Swimming
4. Strength training
5. Aerobic exercise

Eat low-fat foods, low salt foods, legumes, veggies, whole grain foods, and fruits to maintain the bp level. You can also add these foods to your diet:

1. Bananas
2. Watermelon
3. Leafy green veggies
4. Berries
5. Fatty fish

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol if you are feeling any of the symptoms.

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