Chocolate Fondue: A Perfect Love Delight For Valentine

Chocolate & Valentine are synonym and when it comes to celebrate both we rely on Swiss tradition. Chocolate Fondue is the reason, though American invented it; but the tradition originated in Switzerland. And we don’t mind calling it “Recipe of Love”. Not because it’s quick and melt into mouth but because it’s a fun food to have with your love on the Valentine day table.

No, you cannot play with the food and have to follow the fondue etiquettes but if you fail you have to kiss your neighbor as a punishment. Interesting, isn’t it? Wanna know more about this unique tradition and perfect chocolate fondue recipe? Keep reading…

Once A Staple Food, Now A Valentine Delight

cheese fondue
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Fondue is all about cheese! so it’s gonna be your next favorite recipe if you are fond of cheese. The recipe originated in Switzerland as a staple food to use the age-old cheese and stale bread.

Since local villagers had low access to food and they had to feed on bread even if it gets hard like rock. To soften the bread, they dipped into hot melted cheese and it turned into a yummy recipe.

Soon it became popular among Swiss people and even marketers got an opportunity to boost the cheese sale in the Swiss market. During 60s and 70s, it reached to Americans and they loved this gooey, rich, and cheesy dip. Later, they replaced the tradition cheese with chocolate and that’s how we got chocolate fondue.

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Never Drop The Bread In Pot

chocolate fondue recipe
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Not just the recipe, the way to eat fondue is also amazing. The fondue pot is filled with melted chocolate into which a piece of bread is dipped. However, you cannot eat the bread directly from the fondue fork as it’s very hot and can burn your tongue.

So, use a regular fork to grab the piece but if you drop it then you’ve to face a punishment. However, the punishment is little biased for girls as they have to kiss the one sitting beside them whereas boys have to buy drinks for everyone on the table. So, unfair but it’s fun!!!

Chocolate Fondue Recipe

It’s seem only a bowl of chocolate to many, but preparing the perfect fondue takes effort as it should be of right consistency. And the fun part is dipping items. So, here are both the recipe and dipping ideas for chocolate fondue.

chocolate fondue recipe
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  • Semisweet chocolate- 6 ounces
  • Milk chocolate- 4 ounces
  • Whole milk- half cup
  • Unsalted butter- one and a half tbsp
  • Sea salt- 1/8 teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract- half teaspoon

Mix milk, chocolates, and butter in a bowl and let it melt on a slow flame or microwave it for few minutes. Add salt and vanilla to the melted mixture and top off with flaky sea salt. For richer flavor, add whipping cream instead of milk. Serve hot or else the fondue will get harden.

[Tip: Add more milk if the consistency is very thin]

A healthy option is also available for weight conscious people. Use low-fat milk instead of whole milk and replace whole chocolate bar with cocoa powder.

Traditionally, bread is dipped in the pot but you can go for following dipping items as well:

  • Dried fruits like figs, apples, apricots, dates
  • Cookies
  • Fresh fruits(strawberry would be perfect)
  • marshmallows
  • Spongy cake
  • Pretzels sticks
  • Granola bars

It’s a perfect for chocolate lovers especially on Valentine week. Go for it!







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