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Hanging Onions On The Door Brings Luck, And Good Health! Check More Weird New Year Traditions Here

4 Days to go for a new beginning, we wish 2021 brings happiness, joy, and prosperity to everyone. No matter how hard 2020 has been, don’t let your excitement down so get ready to welcome it in a new way. We have round up new year traditions around the world that are crazy, unique, and creative.

9 Crazy New Year Traditions That Guide Prosperity And Good Luck 

Hang Onions At The Door, Yeww!!!

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No, it’s not to keep vampires away from the home. Greeks believe that hanging onions would bring a new life to them as onions symbolizes rebirth. They keep the onions hung on the door until roots came out from the bulb.

Eat 12 Grapes

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Spain’s unique tradition will definitely surprise you. Every year people of Spain right at 00:00 a.m eat 12 grapes. This tradition has been followed since 19th century when vine growers came up with a marketing idea of selling their produce right before the beginning of new year.

This caught on as a tradition and now Spaniards enjoy it as they believe this will bring prosperity and good fortune to them.

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Smash The Plates

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If you break a plate at home, your mom will definitely scold you. But mothers from Denmark don’t scold their kids for smashing plates on new year. It’s tradition there and they break the dishes outside their home.

Reason behind this unique culture is that breaking plates represent anger so when you do it, you leave all your ill-will and anger behind and begin a new year with fresh mood and happiness.

It is also said to bring good luck to you. So, smash the plates.

Drink The Ashes 

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Weird and crazy, isn’t it? Who would do that but Russians drink ashes on new year’s eve. As per their tradition, Russians writer their wishes and burn that paper. Mix the ashes in their champagne and drink it.

Welcome Dark-Haired Men

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Scottish people believe a unique tradition that is said to bring success and fortune to them. According to this, the first person to enter the house at midnight should be male and that to be one having dark color hair.

Why so? This popular belief is associated with history of Scotland during the time of Viking’s invade. Nobody would then want to see any light hair guy coming at their doorstep holding a giant axe threatening them. So, they belief in opposite as a symbol of success and good fortune.

Eat More Meals

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If you are a foodie, then spend new year night in Estonia where there is a tradition of eating more meals to bring good luck.

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Apple’s Shape Determines Fate

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Czech Republic has unique and hard to believe tradition where people cut an apple in half. If the apple’s core is of star shape then you will stay healthy but if it is of cross shape then you will become ill.

Throw White Flowers In The Ocean

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Brazil’s new year tradition makes the ocean beautiful on the day but dirty as well. They throw white flowers in the ocean. Some also litter candle and let it flow in the ocean.

A similar tradition is followed by South Americans who give offerings to the water diety, Yemoja.

Eat Soba Noodles

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Noodles are everyday food for Japanese but it is must to have soba noodles on the new year. This custom is called as toshikoshi soba which means year-crossing noodles.

However, there is no history of its beginning but some beliefs eating soba noodles will bring longevity to them. Reason could be soba’s long length. Some also believe that soba noodles symbolizes strength as buckwheat plant is used to make it which signify strength.

These traditions have been passed from generation to generation and with each tradition the belief of people get stronger. After all, everyone hopes for best, good fortune, and good health.



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