Austria Kids Don’t Celebrate Christmas Till Late, Know More Such Weird Christmas Traditions Here

Christmas traditions, they ain’t unique. It’s same Christmas decorations, some yummy cakes, cookies, Christmas special dinner, lightings, yule cake, and gift exchange. Right? But, some countries have their unique way to celebrate Jesus birth. And those Christmas traditions are worth knowing on this big day.

Check out those unusual traditions and know how people across the globe celebrate this festival.

10 Weird Traditions Around The Globe On Christmas

Scary Santa Haunts Kids

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We all expect Santa on Christmas eve but people of Austria are afraid of ghosts appearing at night. It’s Krampus, a ghost accomplice of St Nicholas, appear on Christmas eve and abduct the bad kids who wander on the streets.

Well, that’s a good way to keep the kids away from roaming on streets late night. So, if you are in Austria or planning to travel during Christmas then expect a ghoulish creature wandering on street.

Also, Vienna has a tradition of Krampus parade where people wear nasty masks to scare kids.

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Run In Underwear

spain christmas tradition
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Red is so obvious on Christmas but people from Spain took it very seriously. They have a tradition to wear red underwear and people of La Font de la Figuera are even more advanced.

People from this small town run on the streets in their red underwear. What a weird tradition!

Go Church On Skates

christmas tradition
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Would you prefer skates to go to church or even office? Well, people of Venezuela on Christmas morning come on streets in skates to reach church. Thus, traffic is closed from early morning so that everybody can skates safely.

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Keep The Cat Away

christmas tradition
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Iceland has the weirdest traditions on Christmas. It is believe that a yule cat beast would haunt you if you don’t work harder. And those who have worked hard would receive new clothes.

Now, people of Iceland buy new clothes on Christmas so that no yule cat can haunt us on this day.

Decorate With Spider Web

spider web on christmas tree
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Yeww! Who would do that? Well, Ukrainians do that. They decorate the tree with artificial spider web and there is a reason behind it. It’s a long tradition with a story where a poor widow had nothing to decorate the tree.

A spider came and spun webs on the tree. When the kids and lady woke up they found the tree beautiful and felt lucky. So, there is a tradition of decorating the tree with web in order to bring luck.

KFC On Christmas

kfc on christmas
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If this is true, we wish Christmas comes every day. Lucky Japanese who  enjoy KFC on Christmas although they don’t get any holiday on that day.

Find The Pickles

christmas tradition
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Germany has a unique way to give gift to kids. They hide a pickle in the tree and ask kids to find it. Whosoever finds it fast will get the gift. The story behind this tradition is that St Nicholas found two young boys in the tree who were kept as prisoners.

What has pickle to do with boys? Instead of pickle they could use toys, isn’t it.

Hide Your Brooms

christmas tradition
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According to Norwegians, Christmas is the day when evil witches and spirits come. And you know witches fly on broom so if they see a broom in your house they will come to take it.

Who wants to welcome evil witches at house? So, Norwegians hide brooms on Christmas night due to this belief.

Eat Raw Whale Skin

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Greenland has a weird tradition on Christmas eve. They eat the decomposed flesh of whale that is wrapped in the seal skin.

Feed The Dead

christmas tradition
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Portuguese feed dead people on this day by keeping an extra meal on the dining table. They believe it will bring good fortune to them.

Tell us which Christmas tradition you found out more weird, it’s No 2 & 9 for me. What’s yours?


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