6 Good Luck Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Greenery is loved by everyone. We Indians consider plants and trees to be sacred and know that they have mythological values. Going back to the time where trees were worshipped and now often the well-educated people laugh over it, but the truth behind worshipping trees is clear as our life revolves around them.

The fresh air and turning of carbon dioxide into oxygen by plants and trees, the concept was known to Indian mythological saint well before. Indoor to save nature and greenery they turned this scientific concept into religious practice. We, humans, have a tendency to bend down heads for the fear or the power.

With the time the values washed away with westernization. Similarly, the well known “Navgraha” which is all about the planetary system and direction is also related to the plants. Although now most of the plants are not available easily we do have some other plants considered special in Vastu.

Specific plants if planted in the particular direction is considered to be scientifically valuable let us know well about them n create a better surrounding


money plant
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It has been a fantasy so long to have a plant that fruits you with money. Not actually but in some manner, plants do fulfil that too. It is strong purifying indoor plant with no maintaining.

Mostly this plant is placed near the electronic device as it absorbs the harmful radiations thrown by the electronic equipment. The southeast part of the living room is perfect for the plant. Make sure the plant is growing in an upward direction and placed inside the house. Money plant does not need much sunlight but once a week.

It can easily grow in water and soil as well. Significantly cleans surrounding and reduces stress and hurdles ensuring good fortune.


Rubber plant
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Rubber plant can be kept inside or outside the house. The glossy oval-shaped leaves are considered to attract wealth in the house. It has to be placed in the east or northeast direction. Remove dead leaves as soon as possible as the dead leaves attract death and negativity. The plant must be a small maximum of 3 feet.


Basil Plant
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Most popular and auspicious in Indian house basil has multiple uses. It has many health benefits if consumed daily like avoids fever and stomach problems. It keeps away insects and purifies the surrounding air.

The best direction to place it is east, northeast, and north. Make sure it gets sunlight daily to grow better. The greener the basil plant, better the health.


Rubber Plant
Via: The Spruce

The eye-catchy bamboo plant is suggested to be placed in the south direction for wealth and in the east for good health. They bring home the harmony and good health. Removing the negativity plant must be avoided to be placed in bedrooms as they have high energy it may affect the relationship and not let you fall asleep.


Via: Wallpaper Cave

Aloe Vera is highly popular in girls as has many medicinal and nourishing values. Best absorbent of carbon dioxide attracting positivity around. Planted around it provides you with aloe Vera gel for face and digestive purpose. Place the plant in north or east direction but not in the northeast direction


peonies group
Via: Old Farmer’s Almanac

It is considered to be the most beautiful lady in the house with pink and red flowers. These are known for maintaining positivity. Place it in the southwest direction of the house and see the changes.

It attracts true love and relationships which are true and long-lasting. It is considered that the plant promoted feminine beauty and good reproductive health for women.

The way you want to create a pure and clean surrounding around you in a house do think of doing the same outside. The whole world is suffering from global warming. Let us plant trees and clean our house and the world.

Small steps are not as small as you think when neglecting to do. A small contribution to planting a tree is a big result tomorrow.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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