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From Selling Assets To Glueing The Eyes, 15 Actors Who Did Too Much For Their Role

It’s so easy to judge but not everyone knows what it takes. This is so true for everyone especially for the entertainers who work very hard all day and night to bring something worth watching for the audience. However, not every actor is passionate about their role and can went too far for it. But, these actors took their character seriously and risk their lives to fit perfectly to the role.

Here is the list of those movies and actors who truly deserves appreciations for the hard work.

Bollywood And Hollywood Stars Who Went Too Far To Fit Into The Role

Jamie Foxx And Ayushman Khurana

actors that went too far

Playing a blind person’s role is the toughest as we don’t know how they see the world. One can only imagine and then portrait the character or learn from someone who is really blind to the world.

Jamie Foxx in his movie “Ray” perfectly fits to the role of Ray Charles who is a blind musician. He went blind for each day by using a special covering that shuts his eyes for more than 14 hours.

Not only this, he also chipped his teeth and lost weight to get into the shoes of Charles.

On the other hand, Bollywood movie ” Andhadhun” was about a person who isn’t blind but lost his vision temporarily. Ayushmann learned the behaviour of blind people and visited visually challenged people.

He used to wore blindfolds to get into the character and read scripts like that only.

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Christian Bale And Randeep Hooda

randeep hooda

It’s not easy to lose weight and many are still struggling with their diet and workout to get into shape. On the other hand, actors are transforming themselves to an extent from where it is hard to get back into the normal weight.

Christian Bale lost 60 pounds for the movie ” The Machinist” and gained 70 pounds for the role of Batman. Similarly, Randeep Hooda for the movie” Sarabjit” lost a whopping 18 kg weight in less than a month.

For him the transformation was not easy and the actor said it was a both physical and mental torture for him.

Heath Ledger And Ranvir Singh

Ranbir and Joker

Joker is a popular character who is psycho and to dramataized the role, Heath Ledger locked himself in a room. He didn’t talk to anyone and practice that mischievous laugh which is hard to copy.

It took him a month to learn all the mannerisms of Joker. During this, he maintained a dairy as well that he calls The Joker’s personal journal.

Ranvir Singh tried the same technique for his role of Alauddin Khilji in the movie ” Padmavati. ”

Adrien Brody And Varun Dhawan

the pianist and badlapur

Adrien literally went too far risking his own life for the character of a Holocaust in the movie ” The Pianist.” The movie was about a guy who had lost everything due to war between Germany and France, Britain.

The perfectly portrait the role of Wladyslaw Szpilman he sold his car and apartment. Also, he broke up with his girlfriend and stopped using phone. His sacrifices earned results and the movie got listed as one of the best films of 21st century in the BBC’s list. Adrien won Oscar for his role as well.

Talking about Varun Dhawan, the actor put everything at stake for the Badlapur. At the end he got appreciation but lost his girlfriend as well.

Anushka Sharma And Alia Bhatt

Anushka and Alia

The two strong and beautiful divas of the Bollywood never stay behind when it comes to show the world what they’ve got. Their bubbly personality might hides their strength but it cannot hide their efforts.

Anushka in NH10 did very well but for that she went under depression. She said the toughest of all scenes of the movie was one where she was being molested on the highway.

She felt depressed after shooting for the scenes as it was hard for her to accept how humans are treated. Same was with Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjab where she played the role of a girl who has been abused and gang raped.

The actress confessed the scene was torture and she just wanted to go home anyhow after completing the shooting.

Priyanka Chopra And Tapsee Pannu

priyanka and tapsee

Mary Kom is an idol and inspiration and to be like her it takes immense dedication. Priyanka practiced hard in gym to structure her body and get muscles to become as strong as Mary.

Tapsee’s upcoming movie ” Rashmi Rocket” is a biggest challenge for her as she is undergoing strict training to transform her body. She has been posting on social media about her journey during the rigorous training.

Leonardo Di Carpio And Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui


Titanic star Leonardo slept in animal carcasses, ate raw bison, and went into freezing rivers for the role in ” The Revenant.” He won Oscar in 2016 for the movie.

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin also take his character very seriously and we have the proof. In Raman Raghav 2.0, Siddiqui played a role of serial killer and that hits his mental health hard.

Halle Berry Didn’t Bath For Jungle Fever

jungle fever

Halle was homeless before she got her first break. Jungle Fever was a life changer for her and to made it a real blockbuster hit she didn’t bath for 2 weeks.

Some characters don’t demand makeup but real transformation and these actors didn’t hesitate to give what it takes to make it worthy. So, next time you watch the movie don’t just appreciate the acting but the efforts behind it too.


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