Best LGBTQ Movies For Pride Month That Everyone Should Watch

Movies have a great impact on our minds and the way we think. It has the power to change our perception about any topic especially the one least discussed in society. LGBTQ is one such area however, Indian cinema is lagging to normalize queer stories and bring LGBTQ movies to the audience.

But, the Western world is highlighting their struggles, stories, and reflect a different angle of this community. Here are the 7 best LGBTQ+-themed movies, some of them have won Oscars for their groundbreaking stories.

Top7 LGBTQ Movies Of All Time

1. Moonlight

The 2016 film won Oscars for the best picture and this one is special for the directors, actors, and everyone else. Despite being the lowest-grossing film, it made records in the history of Oscar. Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim to get an Oscar award for the movie whereas Joi MCMillon became the first black woman to do so.

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Other reasons for winning Oscar were how the movie portraits the life of a gay man who struggles with sexual identity. It also talks about how a withdrawn child struggles with society and indulged in emotional and physical abuse including drugs.

2. Pride

Matthew Warchus has discussed the serious topic of lesbian and gay rights in a very different way. The Hollywood comedy-drama is about the LGBTQ activities of 1984 that came out on the roads to support people of their community during the miners’ strike.

3. Boys Don’t Cry

Most of the LGBTQ movies are based on true life events and “Boys’ Don’t Cry” is one among them. This 1999 film is inspired by the life of a Trans man, Brandon. Initially, the movie is about the relationship between Brandon and his girlfriend. But, the ending turns out tragic due to violence over Brandon’s sexual identity.

4. A Fantastic Woman

A Fantastic Woman is a movie that had accelerated the trans rights movement in Chile. Marina, a trans woman, falls in love with a divorced man who dies unexpectedly. Marina’s life takes a different turn after his death whereby she struggles hard to prove her innocence.

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She was referred to as a sex worker and harassed by Orlando’s son. The movie became the Best Foreign Language Film and also won Oscar.

5. Tangerine

The movie is quite special for a reason nobody has ever imagined. It was entirely shot on iPhone and features trans actresses. Tangerine showcases their struggles as sex workers and how the two share their dreams and fears.

6. The Danish Girl

Most of the people from the LGBTQ community undergo sex surgery to either fit into society or embrace who they are. The Danish Girl is a story of all those people whereby the main lead became the first ever to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Gerda’s husband finds himself as a woman while working as a female model for his wife. He decided to undergo surgery but died due to complications.

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7. I Am Michael

Unlike other LGBT movies that showcase the journey of embracing the true self, this American drama rejects the topic of homosexuality. The real-life story of Michael is worth watching. It is about a queer man working as a gay activist for years but suddenly decided to be a man.

If you want to watch something out of the box then these LGBT movies are the perfect treat for you.

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