Transformation Is Transphobic! The Real-Life Story Behind Bhima Jewelry Ad

“Beauty Knows No Gender” That’s true!!! Every man, woman, and transperson is beautiful but we rarely talk about the third gender that doesn’t even fit in the so-called society and their gender norms. They have to struggle hard to accept who they are, involving in society, and achieving their dreams are even harder. But, One Step, One Transperson, and One Brand can pave the way for many alike. Bhima Jewelry Ad is one step towards gender equality and the bold and beautiful Meera Singhania Rehani took it miles away.

Bhima Jewelry Ad Defines What BEAUTY & LOVE Means

“Pure As Love” the slogan of the Bhima Jewelry ad is infusing love, gender equality, and depicting every emotion during the tough transformational journey of a transgender. How the idea took birth? That’s the most important question as most of the jewelry brands are only telling the story of beautiful, powerful, and young brides and women from all over the society.

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But this TV ad is different in case you have not seen it yet, here’s the clip.

Carved With Emotions And As Pure As Love

The making of transwoman jewelry ad began at the Animal which is a creative agency based in Delhi. Bhima approached them for a very unique and out-of-the-box idea for the launch of their new collection of jewelry.

Though it seems easy to shoot the scenes and narrate a story, finding the right person was a tough task said the creative head of “Animal.”

And unlike other beauty and jewelry brands, Bhima picked Meera for this short-ad film and she was perfect for the role. The transwoman jewelry ad scenes were shot around the beaches and farmhouse of Kochi that added a perfect background to the slow but powerful music.

However, some of the scenes were captured in the local shops which were hard and uncomfortable for everyone. The whole creation took around 7 weeks to produce such an impactful journey without showing much drama and displaying the realness to the audience.

Without saying even a word, the film hit the strings of the audience’s hearts deeply and created the forever mark.

Within a week, the ad garnered huge attention and appreciation from the public. Looks like the goal of Bhima Jewelers, Meera, and the whole creative crew is achieved. This is the first time when the audience is searching for a transwoman jewelry ad on social media rather than searching for a movie. It’s a truly inspiring and watershed moment in the history of ad-making.

Journey Of Meera Singhania Rehani

Meera is quite popular on Instagram and with only a few posts with her family and close friends, she gained a thousand followers. The Sociology student bravely came forward to narrate the story of almost every transgender person.

Bhima Jewellery ad

But, not everyone is lucky to go through surgery. Many don’t even accept the reality and societal pressure haunts them within. Deciding to transform the body is tough and Meera took it at a very young age.

From Saatvik To Meera

This crucial turning point in the life of Saatvik was the result of self-realization in 2019. It was the time when Saatvik was actively participating in the weekly events and during an LGBTQ protest, he experienced a life-changing realization.

” I am definitely a woman. I am not a man.”

She bravely told her mom these words and decided to undergo the surgery. It was not easy to transform in a way that your identity changes completely. A new person, a new life, and a new energy infused when Saatvik turned into Meera Sighania Rehani. Her parents and sister were a great support.

Transperson Is Transphobic

These are the words she said during an interview with Shethepeople. She further told that to make life easier, one should unlearn the gender structure of society. Our focus should be more on being a human and contributing to the world.

The artist and model, Meera Singhania Rehani is an inspiration for everyone out there who deals with gender identity issues. Talking about the Bhima Jewelry ad, she finds her role challenging even though it was more like her story.

With every step during transforming from a man to woman, there was a deep emotion that was beautifully presented with a set of jewelry.

The ad is the beginning of embracing real beauty, gender equality and we hope that it did the job better. What are your views on it?

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