Top 10 Upcoming Movies In June 2021 That Are Worth Your Time

Theatres may or may not open due to ongoing pandemic but the floodgates of entertainment are always open. June is a pretty good month for the binge-watchers. Whether Bollywood, Hollywood, or animated; you’ll find the movies that are worth watching back to back. Here are the top 10 upcoming movies in June 2021 not to miss.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies In June 2021

1. The Conjuring Part 3

The sequel of The Conjuring Part 2 is the latest on the list of upcoming movies 2021 and is perfect for a spooky experience. This time the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine, will solve a murder mystery. This is the first such case in the history of America where a convict defends himself using the demon’s powers.

It’s a tough test for Ed and Lorraine in finding the real convict and protecting the 8-year old David from the demoniac soul.

Release Date- 4th June 2021
Where To Watch:Streaming On HBO Max

2. 83

One of the most-awaited upcoming Bollywood movies 2021, ’83’ is available in cinemas now. It is a sports biography of one of the best Indian cricketers and captain- Kapil Dev. Ranveer Singh plays the lead role and Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Tripathi, Amrita Puri, and Boman Irani are few more actors in the movie.

It is directed and written by Kabir Khan and was set to release theatrically last year.

Release Date: 4th June 2021
Where To Watch: In-theatres and streaming on Netflix

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3. Infinite

Infinite is a story of a boy who is on the edge of mental broke down due to the unfamiliar memories and skills he never learned. He tried to control his mind with medication but nothing works out. Evan starts believing he is mentally unfit until he discovers a group named ‘Infinites.’

The journey of an extraordinary world and secrets began after the group memories come to rescue Evan from his haunting memories. The American sci-fi story is a must-watch Hollywood movie releasing shortly this month.

Release Date: 10th June 2021
Where To Watch: Releasing digitally

4. Awake

Awake is a futuristic story where humans have no electronic gadgets. A technical disaster wipes off all the gadgets from the world and also makes the human struggle to sleep.

Release Date: 9th June 2021
Where To Watch: Coming soon on Netflix and in-theatres

5. Queen Of Spades

June is the best month for Horror-film lovers. The latest in the list of upcoming horror movies in 2021 is Hollywood’s “Queen of Spades.” It is a story of four teenagers who summon an ominous entity during the game by performing an ancient ritual.

But, they were unaware of the horror that awaits them.

Releasing Date: 11th June 2021
Where To Watch: Digitally release on few platforms like Netflix, Hulu

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6. Luca

Luca is a perfect movie to remember the fun days of summer. It’s all about scooter rides, pasta, and friends for Luca until he meets a sea monster of the Italian Riviera.

Releasing Date: 18th June 2021
Where To Watch: Disney +

7. Sherni

Vidhya Balan is back in another powerful role. Her upcoming Bollywood movie in 2021 is ‘Sherni’. The film is about the tough journey of an upright forest officer who scrambles with her job and personal life. It is not just a man-animal conflict but a struggle to create balance within the forest department.

Release Date: 18th June 2021
Where To Watch Streaming on Amazon Prime

8. Fatherhood

Fatherhood is the perfect movie to watch to understand the struggles of a single father. Kevin Hart is the main lead in the movie.

Release Date:: 18th June 2021
Where To Watch: Available on Netflix soon

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From the directors of Fast and Furious, F9 is all set to take you to the world of speed and cars.

Release Date: 25th June 2021
Where To Watch: Theatrical and Digital release

10. A Cinderella Story: Starstruck

Quite similar to the Cinderella story we have read in childhood but with a twist. The farm girl who lives with her stepmother and evil siblings secretly begins her dream journey of becoming an actor. The film features Michael Evans, Richard Harmon, Bailee Madison, and more.

Release Date: 29th June 2021
Where To Watch: Soon available on Netflix and other OTT platform

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