7 Most Popular Restaurants In Bhutan, Where You Can Get Delicious Food

Bhutan is located in the Himalayas; this mountain kingdom is one of the most famous tourist places in the world. The country has everything for its visitors. Besides nature, the people of this country are also quite simple and happy.

Bhutan has several restaurants offering traditional food; here is the list of top 7 restaurants in Bhutan.

1. Bukhari restaurant

Bukhari restaurant
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Bukhari is one of the best restaurants in Bhutan, it is situated the Hotel Uma, which makes it easily available for in house guests. This is a multicultural place, with world-class ambiance is international and the food served appeals to a diverse clientele.

Bukhari stands on a hill overlooking the town, with a magnificent view of the nearby valleys. The tongue-tingling menus are focused on nearby farms on seasonal and natural regional products. Bukhari at COMO Uma is a unique, fine-dining treat in the Paro Valley, where Luncheon is predominantly made up of international cuisine, and dinner includes the most exotic gastronomic delights.

Cost for one: 2000 INR.

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2. Babesa village Restaurant 

Babesa village Restaurant
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This is a great treat for fans of history and food enthusiasts, as it is located in the typical house, which is over 400 years old. Not only does this restaurant offer exquisite food, it also provides you with a vibrant view of Bhutan’s ancient era. The unique feature of this Thimphu restaurant is that everything is served in authentic, traditional wooden bowls with spoons.

The unique restaurant for all those who want to taste and try the exotic native cuisine while on their outing to Bhutan. In this restaurant, the seating is comfortable with low roofs and the spot is situated in a legacy house, which adds to the entire experience of Bhutan.

Babesa village Restaurant is open for Breakfast, lunch and especially for dinner and the specialization here is traditional Bhutanese cuisine.

Cost for two: 1500INR.

3. Folk heritage museum restaurant

Folk-heritage Museum
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For a delicious treat of authentic Bhutanese cuisine, visit the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant. Opened to enlighten visitors about Bhutan’s rich food culture, the restaurant offers the country’s best fresh, organic ingredients and cooks them using olden Bhutan’s traditional cooking methods.

The menu offers more than 60 vegetarian dishes and approx 100 meat dishes. Folk heritage museum restaurant is open for especially for lunch and dinner and the specialization here is a different type of Bhutanese cuisine.

Cost for two – 1500 INR.

4. The Bhutan kitchen

The Bhutan kitchen
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The Bhutan Kitchen is a haven for enthusiastic tourists and food lovers. This restaurant is known for its authenticity as the host of Bhutan’s Crown Prince and local celebrities.

If you want to quell your taste buds with authentic and delicious local Bhutanese dishes then step into the “Bhutan Kitchen” ideally located in the heart of the capital city, close to the Thimphu clock tower.

This spot serves only vegan options, which will help you, explore the native cuisine more. You must try the lentil soup with red rice and stir-fried veggies here you can also choose buffet packages. Hands down, one of Bhutan’s best vegetarian restaurants!

Cost for two – 1800 INR.

5. Ambient Cafe 

Ambient Cafe
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Ambient Cafe is favorite of visitors and expats, or ‘ chilips ‘ as they are known locally, this elegant and trendy cafe is situated in the middle of Thimphu city, overlooking its busy Norzin Lam main street.

This place is a combination of traditional Bhutanese components and cafes in Europe. The interiors are pretty good, giving the whole place a quirky, fun atmosphere. Here you can enjoy delicious pizzas, sandwiches, iced tea, and various shakes.

Cost for two – 1800 INR.

6. Lovesha village restaurant 

Lovesha village restaurant
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Lovesha Village Restaurant is the Lobesa Hotel’s in-house restaurant, the most renowned and the only 3-star property in Lobesa.

Lobesa Village restaurant Offers different type of authentic Bhutanese cuisine and continental cuisine, this restaurant is the perfect spot for food lovers is more suitable and a perfect place to soothe your hunger for traditional Bhutanese dishes.

They have a daily buffet that includes momos, red rice, seasonal organic vegetables, and Ema Datshi, Bhutan’s national cuisine with ice cream. The Lobesa Restaurant also offers a fascinating view of the Himalayan ranges and the extensive paddy fields.

The staff is amazing and very friendly, they are always happy to explain every dish you’re trying here. There is also a special arrangement for events such as wedding, birthday, etc.

Cost for two: 2000 INR.

7. Zombala restuarants 


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Zombala is located middle or the market in Thimphu, The place serves delicious momos with various ingredients such as mushrooms and chicken on Ema Datshi. The food is moderately priced and there is also a bar here where you can relax after a tiring day with a group of friends, making it one of Bhutan’s best restaurants.

This restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers more than 100 varieties of vegetarian dishes.

Cost for one – 500 INR.

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These are the most popular Bhutan restaurants that will serve excellent Asian and Bhutan food to keep you well fed. If you’re planning a trip to Bhutan with family and friends, then these mouth-watering restaurants are made for you.


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