7 Indian Food Chains That Are Serving Delicious Treats!

We Indians love food. Some of us even are alive to eat then eating to be alive. With the time we have moulded ourselves. Outings and casual get together are just not the excuse to escape. Outside, food is now an important part of our routine.some of us fans of Starbucks and some of the desserts and snacks.

Most of the famous food chains are originally from other countries like Macdonald, Dominos and more like these. where the food markets are convenient and full of verities they also clean up a big part of the money.

On average, an individual spends 20% of the earning on the outside food. It is interesting to know that we have welcomed every culinary and fallen for them. The foreign companies are making a good profit but many times we underrate our own initially Indian companies behind the bars of the brand. here are some of the food chains one must try and appreciate. We have numerous varieties of taste. feel proud to be part of such versatile land.

1. Haldirams


Via: Restaurant India

Haldirams was founded in Bikaner, R Rajasthan by Shre Ganga Bhushan Agarwal in the year 1937. The present owner of the company is Shivkishan Agarwal. They have over 400 products in the market including namkeens, sweets, bakery, dairy, snacks and so on.

They have main manufacturing units in India and they export products across the continents. The Orange barfi, hundreds of namkeens, kaaju katli are some speciality honouring them. They provide sitting and takeaways. Haldirams products are gaining good fame around the world.

Via: The Packman

2. Goli vada pav


goli vada pav
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Originated from Mumbai by Venkatesh Iyer un 2004 is famous for its mouth-watering vada pav. Ensuring the taste and quality they are serving in 40 cities with having over 150 setups. You will be welcomed with various types of vada pav and beverages here. Their vada pavs are no less than the Burger.

Vada Pav
Via: Restaurant India

3. Barista Lavazza


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Owned by the Amtek group in 2007 barista Lavazza was started in the year 2000. Serving in South Asia they have over 250 outlets. One of the best in coffee, desserts, fast food and more, has grown really big. The milkshakes and the snacks are mouth-watering.

Via: Just Dial

4. Cafe coffee day or CCD


Cafe Coffee Day
Via: Hungry Forever

The founder V.G. Sidharth started his venture in 1993 in Chennai. Soon with the support and love of youth, they spread the wings over 1722 outlets over the world. Much popular in youngsters, they are famous for coffee, desserts, and snacks.

Via: Brand Vectors

5. Indian Coffee House or ICH

Indian Coffee House
Via: Wheels On Our Feet

Started by the Coffee Cess Committee in 1936 in Bombay has a history that was a step to get over British managerial culture. When coffee was considered not meant for the Indian and Indians were not allowed to enter the coffee house under British rule, the locals started Coffee House to show their rage.

Later handed over to series of Worker Cooperative society it got its name as Indian coffee house. They are famous for the Indian style coffee, and Indian snacks like dosa, idli, uttapam and many more.

Via: Wikipedia

6. Natural ice creams

Natural Ice Cream
Via: India Franchise Blog

Founded by Raghunandan S Kamath in the year 1984 Vile Parle Mumbai. They currently have 135 setups over India. Only focusing on ice creams they started with 10 flavours and now are serving with 123 flavours out of which some are seasonal. They have muskmelons, coconut, litchi, fig, custard apple, jackfruit, and many more flavor. Unlike they have a production unit in Kandivali from where they supply product daily to the setups.

Ice Cream
Via: Taste of City

7. Barbecue Nation

Barbeque Nation
Via: Meggs Blogged

Famous for buffet-style was founded by Sajid Dhanani in the year 2006 Mumbai are serving delicious vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes that heals the soul. They have over 122 setups over the country. They have a list of non-vegetarian dishes like a chicken roast, kinds of seafood and panner in the main course.

Barbeque Nation
Via: Barbeque Nation

If you’ve come this down, it must have made your mouth water isn’t it? Deciding to hit on any food joint?

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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