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10 Delicious Nepali Dishes You Must Try If You Visit Kathmandu

We have always been curious about Nepalese, their culture, food and their lifestyle. Nepali food is very nutritious, yes now we know why their skin glows every time. They focus more on healthy and fulfilling food rather than spicy.

The Nepali food is influenced by Indian and Tibetan favours because of its location. We can find variety and combination of both these places in the food the eat.

Before knowing which are the famous dishes that you must try in Nepal, let us know some quick facts about Nepali food.

Gluten-Free: Nepalese focus a lot on the nutritional value they include in their food. The amount of lentils, rice and chickpeas with curries helps they keep their stomach fulfilled for a longer time.

Spice: Nepalese use a lot of spices in their curries and also pickled spices that derive great flavour of authenticity in their food.

Vegetarian Food: Nepalese culture is just like Hindu culture, in fact, they are mostly Hindus. They mostly cook vegetarian food so if you are vegetarian visiting Nepal, be relieved you will be served good vegetarian food. However, they do use Buff or Buffalo meat but not very frequently.

Drink Filtered Water: Nepal faces a huge issue of plastic waste. Many rural areas use well water for cooking and other purposes. Make sure the food you eat or water you drink is well purified. If possible try carrying your own water bottles to reduce the plastic waste generated from plastic bottles.

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Now you must have got an idea about how the food in Nepal would be. Let us roll our eyes down to some mouth-watering authentic Nepali dishes you are expected to try.

1. Momos

Via: Deccan Herald

Momos have made the whole country go crazy for its simple yet yummy taste. The Vietnamese dish known as dumplings is has influenced Nepalese to make momos. The soft white flour covering with a subtle yet delicious stuffing of vegetables is one major reason you should visit Nepal.

Originally the momo filling consisted of buffalo meat but now it has been innovated a lot. People in different parts of the country make it with their own style. They make it with veggies for the vegetarians and for non-vegetarians you van go for chicken momos.

Momos are served with a savoury sauce which is usually spicy. The momos can be steamed or fried totally depending upon your choice. Also, the shape can be leaf or round or anything else as well.

2. Dal Bhat

Daal Bhaat
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Dal Bhat is the staple and most famous food of Nepal. It is fulfilling, delicious and easy to cook. If you are visiting Nepal, this is the dish you can probably see in breakfast, lunch as well as in dinner. Dal, tarkari and bhat mean lentils, rice and some vegetables in a curry make a wholesome meal.

The dishes are healthy and keep you fulfilled for a longer time. The platter is usually vegetarian but you can also order for chicken or meat in it. The taste of the authentic dish increases if you eat in the traditional style i.e., with your hands. If you are Indian not a problem, however, you can also use a fork or spoon to eat.

3. Newari Cuisine

Via: Inside Himalayas

Nepal consists of many indigenous groups and Newari is the local people living in Kathmandu. The newari cuisine has more than 200 dishes, Bara and Aloo being one of them.

The ground break is made from lentils, ginger and cumin. The bread is served with potato salad (aloo sadeko). The dish is spicy and tangy.

4. Sel Roti

Sel Roti
Via: Washington Post

Sel Roti is a sweet snack which is a crispy round doughnut-shaped dish. The deep-fried puffy snack is something every Nepali street has.

It is prepared on all Hindu festivals in Nepal.  They can be eaten as a tea time snack with tea or during a meal with some veggies.

7. Pani Puri

Pani Puri
Via: Taste Of City

Pani Puri is made differently in all parts of India. This dish in Nepal is served in hollow shells with mashed and spiced potatoes, and crispy noodles. The dish is quite fulfilling and easy to find. If you roam around on the streets you can find pani puri stalls all around.

If you want to try pani puri with a twist then try pani puri chat masala. You can also put yoghurt on them which will add a different flavour to your pani puris.

Pani Puri
Via: Pani Puri

8. Julebi

Via: Michelin Guide

Another sweet dish julebi in Nepal is a lip-smacking thing to eat. The orange coloured circular sweet made from a batter and then deep-fried. The fried julebi is then put in the sugar syrup.

Julebi is something you can easily find on the streets of Nepal. It is a dish which is made in many parts of India but you must try it once in Nepal.

9. Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau
Via: M&S Vmag

Juju Dhau is a sweet yoghurt which may not look appetizing in the first place. This dish is also a must-try as it is not a very sweet yoghurt. The yoghurt is prepared from fresh buffalo milk. The yoghurt is thicker than the usual one and is more flavourful in taste.

Head to Bhatkatawar, to find this delicious dish. The ancient New city is where this dish is really famous. The Newars in Nepal include Yogurt on many auspicious occasions which symbolizes purity.

10. Yomar

Via: wikipedia

Yomar is a traditional food which used to be made only on Yomari Punhi. Yomari Punhi is the largest Newar festival celebrated at the end of the rice harvest. The steamed bun is made up of rice flour dough made from rice of the new rice harvest to mark the festival’s importance.

If you’re visiting Nepal during November or December, this us the time when the festival is approaching. You can find Yomar in all the streets because it is very much liked by locals.

Food is something that binds everybody and World being a big place with many traditions, cultures and festivals. If you are visiting this dively beautiful Kathmandu, do try these delicious dishes.

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