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11 Famous and Must-Visit Museums In London City

London is an amazing city to visit. One of the best things about this city is that so many of its world-famous museums are free to public. This city is host to some simply amazing art galleries where the capital’s tourists will appreciate many beautiful paintings, portraits and works of art by famous artists from around the globe and throughout the centuries. It’s no surprise that London is one of the best museum destinations in the world.

“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.”

Below is a list of the famous museums in London city.

1.The Museum of London

Museum of london
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The Museum of London is among the most important and densely populated museums in the world. It is filled with fascinating artifacts and galleries that tell the story of the existence in London

The Museum of London was opened for the first time in December 1976. It was designed by great architects and designers (Hidalgo Moya and Philip Powell), who developed an innovative approach for museum architecture.

It is located in the London wall area, nearby the Barbican centre, the museum of London is part of the Barbican building, built in the 1960s and 1970s.

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2. The British Museum in London

British Museum in london
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The British Museum was developed in 1753, by famous mathematician and scientist Sir Hans. It was first time opened for the public at Montague House in 1759. The British Museum holds one of the greatest collections of classical art and exhibits.

The British Museum is a public institution related to history, art, and culture of humankind.

3. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
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The natural history Museum is one of the most impressive and iconic museums in London. This Museum has a unique collection of more than 80 million specimens, exhibited in different galleries.

As well as this museum boasts famous dinosaur skeletons exhibition houses, a selection of the world’s biggest, tallest and rarest animals.

This museum was founded by Dr. Sir Hans Sloane in 1660 to 1753, who allowed the British Government to buy his major collections at a price well below their market value at that time.

4. The National Gallery

The natural gallery in london
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The National Gallery Museum is one of the oldest and famous museums in London city. It holds the world’s largest and greatest Western European art collections, including more than 2400 Paintings for the 1300 to 1900 century.

The National Gallery Museum is located at Trafalgar Square, in Westminster city of London. This Museum was established by John Julius angerstein in 1824.

5. Science Museum

Science Museum
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The Science Museum is one of the best and famous museums in London. This is Europe’s most visited museum. At this museum you can discover the Science and technology in Europe.

The Science Museum is not just a museum; it provides an understanding of how science works. It was established by Prince Albert in 1851. This is located nearby Victoria Albert Museum and Natural History Museum.

this museum is designed by Sir Richard in 1919. The Science Museum is a collection of art and previous Science technologies. The museum does not charge any fee to visitors.

6. Victoria and Albert Museum

Victorian and albert museum
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The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s largest museum in London. This museum is a collection of art design and traditional music. Lets you discover more than 3,000 years of human innovation, stunning galleries, sculpture, painting, accessories, etc.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is named after Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in 1852 and is located in Brompton district.

7. London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum
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The LT Museum hosts exhibitions related to transportation in London’s social and cultural history. Inside this museum you will find approx. 100 vehicles spanning 200 years of the history of London.

The London Transport Museum is most popular attraction for visitors. The museum has a collection of past London transportation networks like- buses, cars, and taxis from the 19th century to modern-day.

The London Transport Museum was designed in 1871 by William Rogers. it is situated between Tavistock Street and Russell Street.

8. Tate Britain museum

Tate Britain Museum
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Tate Britain museum is home to the oldest art in London. It is located in Westminster city in London. Tate Britain Museum is a considerable part of the Tate network of galleries.

The Tate Britain Museum was first time opened in 1897 by Henry Tate. The museum is the world’s largest collection of art galleries and historic British items.

9. The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial war museum
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The Imperial War Museum is a collection of the stories of those who were a part of the World War I. This museum has five branches in England and three branches in London city. The Imperial War Museum was opened in 1917 by British govt. This is the national museum of British.

The museum portrays the stories of those who fought; died and lived in the First World War. This museum relives the history of Imperial War.

10. Royal Air Force Museum

Royal Air Force Museum
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The Royal air force Museum London has an impressive collection of old Aircraft and air force related Weapons. it is located in Hendon Aerodrome in London. It holds a variety of aircraft memorabilia under one roof; the museum lets you discover the old flights and the history of Air force Army.

The Royal Air Force Museum was first time opened in 1911 by British Govt.

11. Bank of England Museum

The Bank of Museum
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The Bank of England Museum reveals the British Bank’s history from its establishment in 1694 to its position now. It has a great collection of historical jewelry, silver, prints notes, coins, and bank documents, etc.

The Bank of England Museum is an excellent place for kids. This museum was opened in 1980 for the first time by the British bank of England.

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London has lots of destinations to make your tour perfect. It is a unique paradise of limited budget travelers seeking trips to explore museums. So, make sure you do not miss these famous museums on your next vacation in London city.


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