10 Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter is here and we have started feeling the moisture loss from our skin. Our skin feels dry, our scalp feels flaky and our lips feel chapped. Winter comes with a lot of relief from the hot climate but it also requires us to take extra care about our skin.


Get the extra care and pamper our body needs this winter with these best skincare products:

1. Shower Gels

Shower Gel
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The regular bathing soaps make your skin very dry no matter what they claim. Using shower gels is a great option in winter as it does not extract the regular oil from your body keeping it naturally moisturized.

Recommended: Good Vibes, Innisfree and Alps Goodness Shower Gel

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=shower%20gel

2. Skip, Hot Water Baths

Hot Water Bath
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I know how soothing and relaxing the hot water baths are, but the hot water leaves your pores open which might lead to acne later. Always try to bath with regular water as it will not leave your skin dry. This will also help you in avoiding the problem of open pores.

3. Face Mist

Face Mist
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A good face mist keeps your skin moisturized which is very necessary for winter. Face mist is not just a fancy product you should buy to flaunt your skincare routine but it has a lot of importance too.

Recommended: Good Vibes

URL: https://www.purplle.com/product/good-vibes-hydrating-face-mist-jasmine-50-ml

4. Use Body Butter

Body Butter
Via: Sonia Organics

The normal moisturizer won’t do the job completely in winter as your skin needs some extra moisture. The body butter is great in winters as they penetrate deep into the skin keeping your skin moisturized and glowing for a longer time. You should go for a chemical-free body butter for better results.

Recommended: Good Vibes, Plum, Biotique

URL: https://www.purplle.com/product/good-vibes-radiance-imparting-body-butter-british-rose-100-g

5. Lip Balms

Lip Balm
Via: The Healthy

Your chapped lips might make you feel irritated during the winter season. You should always apply lip balms in intervals to avoid this problem. Using a good quality lip balm with a slight tint will make you look beautiful and solve the problem of chapped lips as well.

Recommended: Vaadi, Good Vibes, Maybelline

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=lip%20balm

6. Hand Cream

Hand Cream
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Your hands might crave for the extra moisture during the dry winter season. Regular exposure to heat, air and water makes them lose moisture again and again and therefore you need to apply hand cream time to time.

Recommended: Good Vibes, WOW, Nivea, Aroma Magic

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=hand%20cream

7. Use Sunscreen

Via: Therapeutic Goods Administration

Although in winters the sun is not that harsh so you might want to skip the sunscreen process. But guarding your skin even in winters is important. You can switch to sunscreens with lower SPF but don’t skip applying them in your daily routine. Sunscreen not only prevents tanning but gives protection from harmful rays keeping your skin young and wrinkle-free for a long time.

Recommended: Good Vibes, WOW

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=sunscreen

8. Deodorant

Via: Nivea

We might skip daily showers in winters which makes it very necessary to use good deodorants. You can pick a refreshing fragrance according to your choice and be sorted for a whole day.

Recommended: Nivea (Men and Women)

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=deo

9. Apply Nourishing Face Masks

Face Mask
Via: The Mirror

Face masks refresh and rejuvenate your skin differently. It adds the necessary moisture, and supplements that are necessary for healthy, flawless skin. You can choose a face mask suiting your skin type.

Recommended: Plum, Aroma Musk, Good Vibes, Mama Earth, Alps Goodness

URL: https://www.purplle.com/search?q=face%20mask

10. Exfoliate Regularly

Via: Women’s Health

Exfoliation is an important process which many people tend to skip. The removal of dead and dull skin from your body is very important. It lets your skin breathe and feel fresh. Use a good face and body scrub at least twice a week and moisturize after that.

Recommended: Alps Goodness, Good Vibes


If you love winters but want to get rid of the problems associated with it then do try these simple and essential skin care tips in your daily routine. You would see a remarkable change in your skin texture. Be Flawless! Enjoy Winters!

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