Friendship In The Time Of Corona: 5 Ways To Keep Long-Distance Friendship Intact

Time and commitment are the first few requirements of every relationship whether its long-distance or not. But, a long-distance relationship requires more effort and sacrifices. And it does not goes the same only for a relationship but even long-distance friendship needs the same.

The spread of coronavirus has put everyone in quarantine. As a result, now every relationship and friendship is a long-distance. But it does not mean that all the fun has come to end and you are lonely now.

Luckily, you can still keep your friendship intact even in the lockdown. How? Here are some good ways to enjoy your long-distance friendship in quarantine.

Ways To Keep Your Long-Distance Friendship Intact

Remind Them Whenever You Think Of Them

long distance friendship

The time you have spent with your friends before the quarantine was precious. Whenever you think of that time, a smile comes on your face. So, remind your friend about those moments and things that are attached to their presence.

They will feel good and special. Also, that time will create a new memory of long-distance friendship.

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Things You Do With Your Friend

long distance friendship

Friends do a lot of things together whether its homework, playing games, eating a meal, and more. Don’t think that quarantine is holding you to do those things together again.

You can still play with them and work together. Make use of an online platform to do those things. It will be fun and you will get a feeling that nothing has changed even in quarantine.

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Appreciate Their Effort

long distance friendship

In these tough times, you are closer to your family but farther from your friends. Although they are safe at home with their family not everyone can take time for friends when at home.

A lot of things will keep them busy. But good friends always take out some time for each other no matter what the situation is. So, appreciate their efforts and give them time as well.

Moreover, you have to take time for your long-distance friends not only for a day or two. Nobody knows when this quarantine will end so it is going to be longer. Therefore, don’t save your time for post-lockdown, instead of ignoring their calls and texts because you are with family, appreciate their efforts.

Make Phone Calls


It is the one sure thing that will keep you in contact. So, schedule your phone calls and enjoy pulling each other’s legs. It will release all the worries from your mind amid coronavirus. A conversation with the friend is worth doing at such tough times because loneliness causes anger, frustration, and anxiety.

Talk to every friend and ask at what time they will be comfortable taking your calls and plan for it.

The quarantine cannot make you distant from your friends but it will deepen the roots of friendship. A long-distance friendship will unlock the new emotions within you. As a result, you will realize how worthy your friendship is. And to ensure that you have to do a few things stated above instead of thinking that quarantine has changed your friends.

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