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Impress Your Friends And Bae With These Colorful Cocktails During The Lockdown Period

When the Friday night comes, most of us gear up for the Saturday fun, and why we wouldn’t be? When you work hard for 5 days a week or 6 days a week (in some cases), you always look for eliminating your weariness. Some relax by doing conventional things like, listening to music or watching a movie. However, there are some, who want to mingle with the cocktails and friends at bar and pubs.

The latter one sounds interesting, but due to lockdowns and quarantine period, individuals are missing the bars. Well, Gentlemen and Ladies, don’t worry, you will get some of the fascinating cocktails that you can make at home during the lockdown. So, this Saturday, calm your nerves, with the following cocktails!

Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan Cocktail
It is a famous cocktail, which is a mixture of American whiskey and vermouth. It gives a taste, that is sweet and spicy. To make the content smooth, you can add orange peels to the cocktail. This cocktail has a long history and was created in the year 1800s. Ever since then, it has been giving a crazy hangover to the whiskey lovers.

Ingredients: 30ml whiskey, ice, 15ml dry vermouth, orange peel, and cherries.

Directions: Add ice and whiskey to a shaker, then add a splash of dry vermouth, stir or shake, and finally serve with orange peels in the martini glass.

Classic Martini

Classic Martini
It is a Bond’s favorite. The Classic Martini is a mixture of gin and vermouth and is garnished with a twist of lemon. It is served shaken and not stirred. Sometimes, Martinis can be given ‘on the rocks’ as well.

Ingredients: 50 ml gin or vodka and dry vermouth, olive twist and martini glasses.

Directions: Add ice to the shaker, then pour gin and add a splash of vermouth. Garnish the mixture with a twist of lemon or olive.

The Godfather Cocktail

Godfather Cocktail
The Godfather drink is a mixture of blended scotch whisky and amaretto (a sweet Italian liquor). It can also be made from the bourbon whiskey. All the ingredients should be mixed in equal parts. When it comes to taste, it gives a slight sweetness in the drink.

Ingredients: 30 ml of scotch and 30ml of amaretto and big ice cubes too.

Directions: Fill the shaker with a mixture of scotch and amaretto. Once you are done with this, then add ice cubes in the shaker and stir well. Now you are ready to go.

Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island Iced Tea
Whiskey lovers call it a mess! But why? Because it consists of 4 types of alcohol products. These include rum, gin, tequila, and vodka. This cocktail gives you a rush that you will not feel in other cocktails, its heavy and can give you an immediate thrill.

Ingredients: vodka, gin, tequila and rum (each 30ml), 2 spoons of lemon juice and half cup cola.

Directions: combine all the drinks and then cover the contents for some minute. Pour the mixture in a glass and add lemon juice. Garnish the drink with lemon wedges.

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour
This cocktail is made in a different manner. It is unique and spicy. It consists of sugar, spirit, and citrus. When you mix the alcohol with juice, it gives you a different taste to your taste buds.

Ingredients: 30ml whiskey, lemon, sugar, water, and cherries

Directions: Fill the shaker with ice cubes, add lemon juice and sugar, stir and garnish with a cherry.

Try out these above-mentioned cocktails and make your lockdown ‘Saturdays’ feel like normal.

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