These Toxic Friendship Signs Indicate It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Sometimes friendship can turn into a toxic relationship, and it becomes highly essential to break up with your friends. Breaking up with a toxic friend is even more hurtful and heartbreaking than breaking up with a lover. 

Thus, to avoid these painful feelings, people ignore the red flags of a toxic friend. But there are few ways to end this relationship without feeling regret and pain. Here are a few graceful and little-to-no dramas for breaking up with a toxic friend. 

Toxic Friendship Signs

toxic friendship signs

But, the irony is that many of us don’t even realize that they have a friend that is not good for their well-being. On the other hand, people misunderstand toxic traits. A friend who is annoying, rude, difficult to handle, and often demands isn’t toxic. 

Such friends are unpleasant and not toxic. You may or may not feel like cutting such friends from your life. But, when you have somebody who pressures and bullies you, there is an urgency of getting rid of such people.

Common toxic friendship signs are:

  • A friend who tries to control you in every possible way
  • A friend who does not respect or disregard your boundaries is toxic
  • Somebody who always feel right about their actions 
  • They still perceive themselves as if they are the victim and the whole world has to be blamed even for their faults
  • Such people believe in taking and has nothing to give others
  • They always make you feel guilty 

If you see these toxic friendship signs in your close friend, then it’s high time. End the friendship but with grace, if you don’t want them to feel bad. 

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Fade Them Out

toxic friendship signs

Breaking up with someone all of sudden is very hurtful for both. Instead, make it a slow process by fading out them. Gradually reduce the response time to their email or text. Say NO for hangouts with them or give them a genuine excuse.

They will get into the habit of fewer interactions with you and slowly move out on their own because you seem less approachable now. 

A Little Break

toxic friendship signs

Tell them you want a cooling-off period from the friendship. During this period, your friend may make new friends, and they will start losing interest in you. This won’t hurt either of you, and you can finally end your friendship.

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End It Formally

toxic friendship signs

If you feel courageous to end it all of a sudden then be formal. Meet them in person, but before that, think of all those things, you would say them after meeting. But don’t put all the blame onto them. 

Also, avoid using the word “you” instead use “I.” For example, instead of saying you hurt me when you skip hangouts at my house, say I felt hurt because we never enjoy bars at my home.

When you are breaking up with a toxic friend formally, keep time and place in your mind. Take him to a cafe, park, or invite them to your home. Please don’t do this heartbreaking process on special occasions like their birthdays. 

Finally, when you two are apart, you will feel low but only for some time. But, you will feel good later as a huge weight has been taken off from your shoulders. Nobody is perfect, and we all sometimes fail in your friendship. So, embrace the flaws, and learn forgiveness, but when things go beyond the limit, get ready to end it with grace. 

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