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Want To Improve Productivity At Workplace? Check These 5 Effective Tips Out Here

Whether you are an employee or employer, productivity means same for both at workplace. It is measured as better performance, higher engagement; increased output vs input ratio, and good profit. But, it doesn’t come on its own. There are a few factors that hamper the growth of employees and organizations. Thus, it is necessary to figure out ways to increase productivity at workplace from time to time.

Before we mention a few of those crucial methods, let’s understand what hurts productivity.

5 Reasons Of Low Productivity At Workplace

Reasons Of Low Productivity

1. No Proper Training Many organizations lack training and focus only on output without upgrading their employees as per the market trend. As a result, the rate of productivity decreases.

2. Poor Management– Workplace efficiency not only depends on the work amount, better management is also key to it. Micromanaging, poor communication, rewardless tasks, and office politics can de-motivate employees leading to a decrease in productivity.

3. No Structure– A company with a top-down structure where neither ideas are discussed with the workforce nor they are allowed to engage can hurt productivity

4. Stress- It is unavoidable but when over-burden steps in, employees feel stressed and anxious. There are ways to reduce job-related stress but when it continues for long, it takes a direct toll on health and performance affecting overall productivity.

5. Toxic workplace– An organization that lacks workplace ethic and give priority to favoritism, discourage the employees to show their true skills. It brings negativity and gradually decreases productivity.

Knowing the flaws help in improvement so if you have found these reasons accurate, work on eliminating the issues. Apart from these, you can increase productivity at the workplace using a few more techniques. These are discussed below.

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Ways To Improve Workplace Productivity

1. No Multitasking

how to increase productivity

More means better, NOPE..! Manual multitasking can lead to more human errors and burden teams with unrealistic deadlines even though they are achievable. Furthermore, Multitasking affects the health, skills, and knowledge of an individual.

In case, tasks require less attention and time then completing all at once is no problem. But do not try to finish multiple complex tasks at a time.

2. Limit Interruptions

how to increase productivity

Interruptions and distractions are unavoidable at the workplace but keeping them minimum helps in increasing productivity. So, take care of the background noises or allow using soundproof headphones, avoid taking every call, or small meetings.

3. Avoid Too Many Meetings

increase productivity

Reviewing the projects and employees’ work through meetings is one of crucial parts of management. But this can give negative results if you focus on conducting excessive meetings. It will give them less time to implement plus waste the time. Thus, avoid unproductive meetings at the workplace.

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4. Keep It Organized

ways to increase productivity

Aforementioned a company with no proper structure hurts workplace productivity so solving this issue will surely help. By this, we didn’t mean redesigning the office rather making a few improvements. For example, you can plan a separate room for meetings; make divisions to minimize inference and disturbance.

This not only implies with company’s integral structure but also the workflow. When employees have a clear idea about the why and how of a particular project, then they will be able to focus better.

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5. Get The Right Tools

productivity at workplace

No company can survive without tools and equipment, whether it’s hardware or software. And if you lack the right tools, then productivity will reduce automatically. Get tools for different purposes like task management, communication, time tracking, database management, etc…

Here’s a list of a few productivity management tools for everyone to begin with:

• Beeminder- To set measurable goals
• Freedom- To avoid distraction
• IFTT- For connectivity at workplace
• Spark- to manage emails
• Any.Do- to stay organized

Allowing small breaks in between, delegating a few responsibilities, providing better training are a few more ways to increase productivity at workplace.

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