23 Health Benefits Of Drinking Amla Juice Empty Stomach

Though Amla is not a versatile berry, you can still experiment with it. Amla powder, pickle, murabba, and chutneys are extremely popular among Indians but have you tried its juice. If not yet, this is the right time to learn all the benefits of drinking amla juice because it’s healthier, delicious, and a quicker way to consume this Indian gooseberry.

Learn here how amla juice makes you healthy.

Benefits Of Indian Gooseberry/Amla 

Amla has innumerable healing properties and is called a divine medicine in Ayurveda. It also has a religious significance besides being an immunity-boosting food. Amla is offered to Lord Shiva and consumed as a prasad to cure common respiratory infections and diseases.

benefits of amla juice

This small green berry has antioxidants, vitamin C, carotene, and other vital nutrients in abundance which makes it a healthy fruit. Here is what one amla can do to your body:

1. Drinking amla juice or eating it raw can reduce blood pressure levels as it contains potassium. Thus, good for patients with hypertension.

2. It prevents diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in control and credit goes to Vitamin C and fiber that manages excess sugar in your body.

3. Those with digestion issues, irritable bowel syndrome, or stomach ulcers should not avoid amla. Its juice helps ease these troubles by improving the metabolism and removing toxins from the body.

4. Amla juice also has mental health benefits. It protects the brain from cell damage due to oxidative stress. This improves memory and is good for those dealing with dementia or any neurodegenerative problems

5. Too much fat slows down the body’s natural metabolic rhythm. As a result, your weight increases. Drink amla juice daily to cut this extra fat amount from the body.

6. Hair health or skin problems can be managed with amla, no matter which forms you take. Vitamin C in amla stimulates hair follicles, reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin, decreases premature graying of hair, drying of the scalp, itching, hair loss, and more. Try these DIY amla hair recipes to treat these issues.

7. Amla juice is good for women with irregular menstrual cycles as it balances hormonal levels in the body and improves fertility rate as well

8. It is a natural blood purifier thus good for people dealing with acne breakouts

9. Beta-carotene in amla benefits your eyes. It improves vision and reduces the risk of eye diseases that comes with aging

10. If you have chronic pain, joint aches, or muscle strain, drink amla juice as its anti-inflammatory properties soothe muscles and treat pain in joints

11. Drinking amla juice empty stomach prevents dehydration giving your healthy and glowing skin

12. Amino acids in amla boosts your heart health

13. It also balances hemoglobin levels in your body if taken regularly

14. Detoxifiers body and flushes out all toxins agent that invites skin and health issues

15. Amla juice is alkaline in nature which makes it extremely light on the stomach, strengthen the digestive system, and treat constipation

16. Soothes inflamed airways, unblock nasal ways, provide relief from cough and cold

17. Animal studies by researchers say that amla prevents fatty liver diseases and is thus good for your liver

18. It normalizes kidney function

19. Anti-aging, skin-lightening, acne reduction, and many more are the skin benefits of amla juice

20. Few studies show that amla may help arthritis patients in increasing their mobility

21. Amla may not be highly effective for cancer patients but it limits the growth of cancer cells as found in studies

22. One of the major benefits of amla juice includes balancing cholesterol levels which indirectly helps you prevent obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

23. This tiny berry is good for kids too especially if they don’t eat enough. It will improve their appetite and give all essential nutrients to their body.

So this winter gets the most of this natural healer. Here is how to enjoy this yummy and healthy drink.

How To Make Amla Juice At Home?

benefits of amla juice


• Amla- 2-4
• Water- 1-2 Cups
• Pepper Powder- A Pinch
• Honey- 2 tbsp
• Salt To Taste


Step 1- Chop amla into pieces and add into blender

Step 2- Add water and blend for 2-3 minutes

Step 3-  Strain the mix and remove the pulp

Step 4- Add pepper, honey, and salt. Mix well

Step 5- Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy

Drink 1 glass of Amla Juice empty stomach in the morning to get all these benefits.

[ Warning: Drinking Too Much Amla Juice Leads To Constipation ]

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Who Should Avoid Amla Juice?

• Diabetic Patients
• People With Bleeding Disorders
• Breastfeeding Women
• Allergic People Should Avoid Amla Juice

Take amla juice as per the doctor’s advice if you have these conditions.

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