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10 Indian-Origin Leaders Across the world, Apart from Rishi Sunak

It is not surprising that Indian-origin leaders are making a name for themselves in the world by holding high-level positions in global corporations or as great leaders.

Rishi Sunak at the age of 42 has become the youngest and first prime minister of color in 200 years. He served as UK finance minister earlier. He took the seat from Liz Truss who resign after serving for just 45 days.

A UK-based organization released the 2021 India-origin-based world leaders list which stated that about 200 Indian-origin people occupy the top position in almost 15  countries.

List of Indian-Origin-Based World Leaders in High Ranks

1. Kamala Harris, US Vice President

Kamala Harris, US Vice President

Kamala Devi Harris is the highest-ranking female official in the united states history. She is the first woman and 1st colored vice president of the USA.

The 49th VP is the first African American and Asian American vice president. Harris is an American politician and an attorney. She was born to Indian and Jamaican parents in California.

Kamla Harris is a member of the democratic party. She served as attorney general of California from 2011 to 2017 and as senator of California from 2017 to 2021.

2. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, Guyana President

indian origin based world leaders

Mohamed Irfan Ali is the ninth executive president of Guyana since 2020.  He was born in Leonara to a Muslim indo- Guyanese family.

Ali is the first Muslim president of Guyana and the second Muslim head of state in America after Noor Hassanali.

3. Antonio Costa, Portugal MP

indian origin world leaders

Antonio Luis Santos da costa is serving as the prime minister of Portugal since 2015. He was born to half-Portuguese and half-Indian parents in a Goan family.

Costa is also a Portuguese lawyer and politician. He is serving as the 119th head of government.

4. Pravind Jugnauth, Mauritius PM

Pravind Jugnauth, Mauritius PM

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is serving as the prime minister of Mauritius since 2017. He was born on 25 December 1961 to a Hindu Ahir family in vacuous-Phoneix, Mauritius.

Jugnauth’s ancestors are from Uttar Pradesh, his father Anerood Jugnauth was a barrister, and his mother Sarojini Ballah was a school teacher.

5. Wavel Ramkalawan, Seychelles President


Wavel Ramkalawan has been serving as the president of Seychelles since 2020.He was born on 15 march 1961 in Mahe, the principal island of Seychelles.

His ancestors were from Bihar, his father was a tinsmith while his mother was a teacher.  Ramakalawan is a Seychellois politician and Anglican priest.

6. Prithvirajsingh Roopun, President of Mauritius

indian origin world leadrs

Privithvirajsingh Roopun is serving as the seventh president of Mauritius since 2019. He is a Mauritius politician born in an Indian Arya Samaji Hindu family.

He was born on 24 May 1959, grew up in morcellement St. jean, Quatre Bornes.

7. Chan Santokhi, President of Suriname

indian origin world leaders

Chandrikapersad Santokhi also known as Chan Santokhi is serving as the 9th president of Suriname since 2020.  He was born on 3 February 1959  to an Indo-Surinamese Hindu family in Lelydrop, Suriname.

He was a police officer before holding the position of president. Santokhi was elected by an uncontested election.

8. Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore

indian origin world leaders

Halimah Yacob is serving as the eighth president of Singapore since 2017. She is the first female president in the history of Singapore.

Halimah is a Singaporean politician and a former lawyer. Before her presidency, she was the country’s parliament speaker. She was born on 23 august 1954 in an Indian origin family, her father was Indian and her mother was Malay.

9. Jagmeet Singh, Canada MP

Jagmeet Singh, Canada MP

Jagmeet Singh was born to Indian- origin-based MP in Canada. He was born on January 2, 1979, in Scarborough, Ontario.

His father Jagtaran Singh is from thikriwaka and his mother Harmeet kaur is from Ghudani Khurd, Punjab.

10. Leo Varadkar, Minister in Ireland

Leo Varadkar, Minister in Ireland

Leo Eric Vaeadkar is serving as the Tanaiste and minister of enterprise, trade, and Employment in Ireland since 2020.

He served as minister of defense from 2017 to 2020. He was born to an Indian family, his father Ashok was born in Mumbai and later moved to the UK.

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