10 Candies Only True 90’s Kids Will Remember

Children have a never-ending love for chocolates and candies. Whether you are a kid from 90’s or current generation, there might be some chocolates in your list of favourites. However, there are few things that every 90’s kid must be missing in today’s time.

Let us go down the memory lane and relive those moments you had eating your favourite candies.

1. Phantom

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You must have flaunted holding a fake cigarette in your hand. That was the Phantom sweet cigarettes and here it is to give you some nostalgia.

2. Pan Pasand

Pan Pasand
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Pan pasand used to be a candy that gave the flavour of pan and adulting. Yes remember how parents didn’t allow us to eat paan, so this was how we got a replacement of it.

3. Nutties

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Nutties used to be one delicacy every 90’s kid would relate to. This chocolate takes us back to our school days where we fought over this yummy chocolate.

4. Marbles

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Those multi-coloured balls called marbles attracted us as no other crush would. Marbles were and will remain forever on our favourite list.

5. Boomer

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The trend of chewing gums was at its peak and boomer kicked in. We remember how smart and cool we used to show ourselves making those gum balloons.

6. Swad

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That tangy and sweet combination of swad is something we still can’t forget.

7. Poppins

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Remember how happy we used to be getting all colourful candies. And how demanding we used to be to want a particular coloured candy.

8. Eclairs

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The chewy yet amazing burst of chocolate this eclair gave is something we still remember.

9. Kismi

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We loved kismi as it used to be one of the cheapest and yummiest of the toffies we had.

10. Alpenlibe

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Alpenlibe has transformed itself a lot but we miss how the original alpenlibe used to taste.

Do you miss them too?

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