Viral The Viral Sensation Ranu Mondal's First Song Is Finally...

The Viral Sensation Ranu Mondal’s First Song Is Finally Out


Ranu Mondal who became a huge internet sensation after her video went viral. Ranu’s life took a revolutionary change after her ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’ song that was shot in Kolkata railway station went viral. She got name fame and her daughter who abandoned her a decade ago.

All good things coming Ranu’s way which she deserved. From her journey of an unknown to be being a playback singer is no less than a miracle.

This was her first video:

After this video made a place in everyone’s heart, her journey of transformation began.

She got a makeover which was her first step towards Change.

Ranu Mondal
Via: National Herald India

Ranu Mondal
Via: India Today

She was then called to a Singing Reality TV Show where the judges applauded her for her divine voice. Himesh Reshammiya who was one among the judges then asked her to sing the song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ for her upcoming movie ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’.

Ranu Mondal
Via: Indian Express

And then there was no stopping for her. She recorded her first song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ with Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya. The short clip of the recording went viral and was widely appreciated by the audience.

And now the wait is finally over, as her first song has been released. The struggle of Ranu Mondal has paid off and her debut in the singing industry has been made.

Here is the awaited song by the internet sensation Ranu Mondal:

Isn’t it magical how our destiny can change? We just have to wait for the right time. Ranu’s struggle of these years has made her a star.

Not just she got a profession she deserved but also the love of her daughter which she missed for 10 years.

Ranu Mondal
Via: IndiaTVNews

It has been an inspirational journey that Ranu Mondal has lived. What do you think?

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