You Had Never Known About This Cause Of Depression!

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said that all diseases produce in the gut. Did you know that 40 trillion bacteria are present in your intestine? The gut microbiota is essential for good health, and certain bacteria in your intestine can cause numerous diseases. You may or may not think about your gut, but you should take care of it as it is crucial for both mental and physical health.

According to many researchers, bacteria in the gut can also affect your mood as it can communicate to your brain.

Mark Lyte, who has spent her whole life proving a connection between the microbes in the nervous system and intestines, had said that bacteria present in your gut help make neurochemicals. So, we can say that the bacteria is sitting in the gut could be the reason of depression.

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Some experiments tried to find the connection between mental health and the gut:


According to the series of research and experiments conducted by Lyte, he found that these gut bacteria affect the mood and bring out tension and stress. In 2014, Sarkis Mazmanian, a microbiologist, called Gut Microbes and the brain in his thesis.

So, the replacement of bad gut bacteria with the good one can help improve mood and health. According to study, a diet loaded with probiotics or a combination of prebiotics and probiotics foods can help you to combat anxiety and depression.

What are Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are indigestible compounds present in food that can improve the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. On the other hand, Probiotics are live microorganisms that restore or improve the natural balance of bacteria in the intestine.

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