What Is Omicron- The New Covid-19 Variant And Why It Is Dangerous?

Fear of new covid-19 strain, B.1.1.529, has quickly spread to the entire world and several countries have started imposing ban on international flights. It came even before WHO announced it as a ‘variant of concern’. In a recent meeting, the global health organization has renamed the new strain as Omicron and warned the world about its impact.

Here is what we know so far

Why Is Omicron Dangerous?new covid variant omicron

The first confirmed case of a new strain was identified in Botswana when a sample reported more than 30 mutations of the spike protein. Within a few weeks, the cases of people infected with the new covid variant increased rapidly which triggered concern for many countries and WHO.

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Since then scientists and researchers have been studying the Omicron and the results were something to worry about.

More Dangerous Than Delta Variant

Covid-19 has evolved in the recent months where Alpha, beta, gamma, and many more variants were reported with a low rate of sequenced cases. Delta variant is however the deadliest of all till now and was the main reason for the second wave in India.

But new covid-19 variant from South Africa seems to beat even the delta variant too as WHO identified 100 genome sequences of Omicron. This means it has the potential to bring the third wave across the globe.

Vaccines Are Less Effective On Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529)

omicron covid variant

The real reason why the Omicron variant is called as dangerous is that most of the infected people had already taken their vaccine dose.  Some of them have even taken the third dose of vaccine. This is the reason why health experts said vaccines would be less effective on it.

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Faster Transmissible Ratenew covid variant omicron

A top infectious disease expert from the US has said that it is more transmissible. The next few weeks are thus crucial for everyone following which WHO has asked several counties to increase surveillance, perform field investigations, laboratory tests, and sequencing efforts. Individuals are asked to follow all the covid-19 prevention measures strictly.

The strain was initially found in South Africa on 24th November and quickly reached Hong Kong and Botswana. Israel and Belgium are the recent ones to join the list of countries infected with Omicron.

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