Brain Or Nutrient Deficiency? What Is Making You Sugar Addict

Have you ever wondered what causes sugar cravings rather than asking how to stop sugar cravings? There are endless tips or sugar-free recipes and drinks as an alternative. But what exactly needs to be understood is the real reason behind those abnormal desires so that you can manage them better. Definitely, it could not be just your love for the sweet foods or side effects of certain foods. There is something more, Exactly what?

Brain, Nutrient Deficiency, or Both!

Read further to know the link and how to stop sugar cravings.

5 Reasons For Sugar Cravings 

how to stop sugar cravings
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Nutrient deficiency in the body is one logical answer to this question. Because when your body lacks any specific nutrient, it sends signals to the brain to fill that deficiency. And the hippocampus in your temporal lobe gets active.

It reminds you about a particular taste and feeling that you have felt while eating your favorite food. And when you eat that food, the brain releases dopamine which makes you feel good. This is the psychological reason behind the intense sugar cravings and the impact of sugar on kid’s brain is more bad.

There is more to what causes sugar cravings; here are the 5 reasons behind your tummy wants more sweet food:

  1. Imbalance of Gut bacteria: Eating processed foods too much disturbs the healthy bacteria growth in your gut microbiota. Reason? They have added sugars which are bad for health.
  2. Poor Or No Sleep: Insufficient sleep leads to a reduction in glucose level so your brain seeks more forcing you to make bad food choices.
  3. Stress: Sugar acts as a drug for the brain as it levels up dopamine, now you know why eating chocolate reduces stress.
  4. Artificial Sweetener: Sugar-free sweeteners as they come with a label are the reason you want more sugary foods. Switch to natural sweeteners instead.
  5. Added Sugars: Cutting down processed foods isn’t enough because natural foods also contain added sugars. So, limit your consumption rather than eliminating it.

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How Poor Diet Makes You Sugar Addict?

how to stop sugar cravings

Yes, the diet plays a vital role here as certain foods trigger cravings making it impossible for you to control the desire. For example, if you are not getting enough protein from the diet, sugar in the blood lowers down and you get symptoms like dizziness or feeling low.

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Eating sugary foods gives you sufficient energy improving the sugar level in the bloodstream. On the other hand, if you eat too many carbs then blood sugar raises causing a spike in insulin levels. And since these foods give the feeling of full instantly, you feel the need of eating more lately.

As a result, you eat more and gain weight. Does it mean one should eat sugar-free foods or a low-carb diet? No!!! None of these will help. Try these experts’ recommended tips to reduce sugar cravings instead.

How To Stop Sugar Cravings In 7 Points? 

  1. Yogurt, berries, legumes, fruits, sweet potatoes, dates, or prunes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  2. Sleep enough
  3. Take help of yoga to manage stress
  4. Eat gut-friendly foods to balance gut bacteria
  5. Get sufficient magnesium as it is the leading cause of sugar cravings.
  6. Include fiber-rich foods in the diet
  7. Switch to healthy carbs like whole grains, fruits, paneer, tofu, and other dairy products

Don’t be an addict to sugar, understand the right cause as per your diet and health, and switch to these alternatives.






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