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Video Of A Mysterious Creature Has Twitterati Asking “What Is This?”

A video is rapidly going viral on social media and has left netizens scratching their heads. The video was shared by the Indian forest officer, Parveen Kaswan on his twitter account; it displays a weird looking creature climbing a tree slowly-slowly.

As the video was shared, people went crazy and brimmed the comment section with their reactions. Some called the creature a grasshopper, while some called it an insect.

The officer shared the video and wrote;

“#Nature has filled every detail with precision. Details which many times we don’t observe. Video by Maria Chacon. Believe me; you have never seen such creature till now. #AmazingNature”

One user wrote: “We had seen photographs of this insect, along with those of other stick insects and leaf insects – but we had no idea about its movement, till now. Bizarre!”

See some more reactions by users:

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Do you know the name of this weird-looking insect?

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