Vegan Substitutes For A Healthier Diet!

Everyone is following a vegan diet nowadays, from big celebrities, famous chefs to the common public.

Vegan is a person who does not eat or use the animal product. If you also want to become a vegan but think that there are not a lot of food options for vegan people, then you might be wrong.

Nowadays there are vegan substitutes for almost everything and that too without compromising on the taste.

Here is a list of vegan alternatives you can add in your diet:

Sugar Alternatives

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Vegans don’t use granulated sugar as it is refined by bone char of animals and they don’t even use honey as it is derived from bees. But don’t you worry, there are a lot of plant-based options to try out. You can use maple syrup which is full of caramel-like flavour but can be a bit expensive or try granulated fructose which is twice as sweet as white sugar. There are also other options like stevia and agave nectar. You can experiment with these natural sweeteners and choose the one more suited to your taste.

Milk Alternatives

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Instead of cow milk, you can use plant-based milk substitutes like Almond milk which has low protein, fat and can be easily made in the home. You can also see cashew milk which is good for diabetics and is great for cooking and baking. The most popular option is coconut milk which is easily available in cartons and tastes good with everything. It can be used for baking, cooking and drinking. Other options available are soya milk, oat milk, and rice milk.

Cheese Alternatives


If you are a cheese lover and use it as an excuse to not go vegan, here’s a piece of good news. Even vegans have a lot of tasty cheese options available in the market plus you can make your cheese at home. Vegan cheese is made of nuts, aquafaba, tofu, herbs, and some spices. Some of the cheese you can use in your food are almond ricotta cheese, cashew cheese, hemp seed crumble cheese, and Daiya cheese. Use them as your normal cheese and enjoy your vegan pizza more.

Chocolate Alternatives

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If your love for chocolate is everlasting and you can’t give it up for the world then try the organic chocolates which are easily available in the supermarkets. They are vegan and healthier. Some options you can try are love choc raw chocolate bars, boozy boozy truffles, chocolate dates, and hazelnuts.

Meat Alternatives

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Meat alternatives would not only be good for your vegan diet but also for your health. Vegan meat alternatives are quite popular such as tofu which is made by coagulation of soy milk and is quite frequently used in Asian diets. Other options are tempeh which is a fermented soy product, seitan, mushrooms and jackfruit which is used as a pork substitute.

Now as you know so many vegan alternatives, you don’t have to compromise on your favourite things and flavours out of the fear of becoming vegan.

So what are you waiting for!

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