Do you want to stay healthy? Go for a vegan diet

Do you want to stay healthy? Go for a vegan diet: Here is some news for all the food lover out there! It has been found that going vegan might have many health benefits for you!

As per a new study published in Journal Nutrients, a vegan diet helps to boost beneficial gut hormones which are responsible for controlling blood sugar, satiety, and weight.

In the recent study, researchers found that on comparing vegan meal with meals containing meat and cheese on hormone levels in 60 men, of whom 20 were very much overweight, 20 had type 2 diabetes and 20 who were healthy.

The food contained the exact amount of calories and ratio of macronutrients. The study observed that vegan meal increased advantageous gastrointestinal hormones in all three groups when you compare it with the non-vegan meal.

The author of the study, Hana Kahleova said, “These beneficial gut hormones can help keep weight down, enhance insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar, and keep us feeling full longer.”

Earlier studies have showcased that plant-based diets are beneficial for weight loss and that who follows it, have approximately half the risk of having or developing diabetes, compared with non-vegetarians.

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Moreover, the study found that the participants across all three groups saying that the vegan food increased satiety (the state of being full, of being at maximum capacity), or that feel after-meal satisfaction.

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